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Hair Fusion: The Invisible Hair Extensions

Updated on January 4, 2010
Before and After Hair Fusions
Before and After Hair Fusions

Many women try to grow their hair to great lengths. Although some do achieve the lengths they want, they don't always gain the body and volume that they desire. Going to the salon and paying upwards $150 for quality work is always an option, but for many people, not only do salon visits break the wallet,  but they seem to only last for a week if you're lucky. So what is there for those who want that extra oomph to their hair. Hair fusions! Hair fusion is an extenstion that you can not see nor feel - and neither can anybody else. you can part it and style it any way that'd you'd like. How is this possible? The hair is fused into your real hair with a protein. So rather than putting goopey glues or sewing in hair which leads to breakage, you have a natural flowing look.

The Process:

1. Part the hair horizontally starting from the bottom.

2. Insert the tempelate to the root to prevent any heat damage to the scalp.

3. Twist or braid the hair 1-2 inches down.

4. Place a pretipped extension under the hair.

5. Place the hair connector tool under the pretipped hair.

6. Pinch the hair connector tool for no longer than 3 seconds and smear the protein to ensure that every strand is covered.

7. Roll the fused part of the hair with your fingers and close it tightly.

These pretipped extensions are more exspensive than regular extensions but when you're extensions last anywhere from 2 to 4 months or 6 to 12 months, it's worth it. The actual process of getting the hair fused can cost anywhere from $200 to $700 depending on where you live and may take anywhere from 5 to 6 hours. The best way to save money for this is to buy the hair on your own, this can and will reduce the price. If you think about how much you spend on your hair for an entire year, this equivalent or a deal!

The great part about these kind of extensions is that you can do any kind of hair.

Brazilian Hair: Brazilian hair is great because it varies.

Straight - straight brazilian hair is very very straight and can be curled easily.

Wavy - wavy hair gives an exotic look, it can be straightened and when wet becomes slightly curly.

Curly - curly hair can be straightened but once wet, it returns to its natural curly state.

Indian Hair: Indian hair is great if you want very thick hair.

*same as brazilian hair (thicker)

**Also Russian, Georgian, and Spanish hair**

Fusion hair extensions tend to be a greater investment for those looking for something non temporary and for those who want something that's longer lasting than the average extension.

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