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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: HubMob of Shaving and Hair Removal

Updated on June 3, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (we hope)

Graphic by ProCW
Graphic by ProCW

The Hairy Truth

Most of us were born bald or nearly so. Time and aging took care of that but the hair forgot to stop growing in places where we no longer wanted it.

If you're of a certain, umm, age, the situation may have thrown itself into reverse on you. Ahh, gotta love changing hormones, don't you? The hair has quit growing and has vacated the places it should be and is starting to sprout in spots you'd rather it didn't. You men who've noticed an increase in ear hair or ladies who pluck chin hairs know what I'm talking about. And just to clear something up - no, it is not acceptable to let ear hair grow long enough for a comb-over.

In an effort to reduce our unwanted hairiness, we take to shaving, waxing, tweezing, sugaring, laser treatments, electrolysis, that mitt that you sand the hair off with and any other method of hair removal that we can get our hands on.

Oh and ladies, let us not forget the ultra painful Epilady. You know, that contraption with rollers that grabbed your hair and yanked it out brutally, causing pinpoints of agony and redness. It was sheer torture!

Well, never mind.  The hubs below will have some answers to your dilemma of unwanted hair.  Our HubMobsters have slaved over their keyboards just to bring you some answers.

Our HubMob Team

Ryan Hupfer
Ryan Hupfer

Hair Raising HubMob Team!

Each week, our esteemed HubMob team members put their heads together to bring you timely topics to write about, as well as a place to showcase them.

Who are these fine people? Meet the team:

Ryan Hupfer is an official HubPages employee, he watches over the HubMob volunteers to make ensure a great experience for HubMobsters and visiting readers alike.

Think of Princessa as our instructor. She announces our topic for the week and provides guidance and instruction.

Then of course, there's ProCW who makes sure that our HubMob has a fantastic original graphic appropriate to the weekly topic.

Me, I take the hub links from the forum and place them in the HubMob hub so readers can find them all in one convenient location.

Hair Be Gone!

If you are looking for some great information and tips about shaving and hair removal, you've definitely come to the right place. These hubs are chock full of advice. Check them out for yourself and please don't forget to leave some feedback for our hard-working hubbers who wrote them for you.

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What is a HubMob and how to join one

Little Known Facts About Hair Removal

Please leave Patty Inglish some feedback

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Why Men Find Shaving So Annoying

Please leave dwilliamson some feedback

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Shaving and Hair removal

Please leave frogdropping some feedback

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Shaving and Hair Removal

This hub has been unpublished

What Nature never you with Jolen can

Please leave Frieda Babbley some feedback

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Hair removed by sausages

Please leave cindyvine some feedback

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Does Electrolysis Work? Yes, I Have Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

Please leave girly_girl09 some feedback

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The Indian Custom Of Tonsuring

Please leave Purple Perl some feedback

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Secrets to Pain-Free Methods for Hair Removal

Please leave maguijo some feedback

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Joys and Struggles of being a Sikh

Please leave charanjeet kaur some feedback

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Do Women Prefer Hairy Men?

Please leave Roo Bee some feedback

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Sexy Men Who Shave Their Heads

Please leave k@ri some feedback

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What do men really think about pubic hair on women

Please leave Princessa some feedback

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You Want Me To Shave My What!?

Please leave B.T. Evilpants some feedback

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Top 5 Mohawk Hairdos in History

Please leave Patty Inglish some feedback

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Men's Shaving Choices - Straight Razor, Safety Razor or Electric Razor

Please leave Chuck some feedback

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