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Hairstyles- Cornrow Braids in Front with Pictures

Updated on November 9, 2012
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I am an African Woman and almost always have my hair in weaves and braids. I am an enthusiast and write about it.

Cornrow braids are a classic hairstyle especially for those of African origin.

As African-American hairstyles go, there is nothing quite like cornrow braids to define you as a modern personality who remembers her roots.

There are a number of ways to carry the hairstyle but having the cornrow braids in front is particularly popular. After the rows, you can add on hair extensions or even a weave. Pictures are important to help give us ideas for our own hairstyles.

A variation of the basic cornrow braid is Ghana Weaving (there are pictures below).

Braids in Front picture
Braids in Front picture | Source

Cornrow Braids in Front

Once you know how to weave cornrows, the next battle is inspiration.

Athletes and other celebrities have made the hairstyle very popular but you need to look distinctive.Don't just weave your hair back to front like the proverbial cornrow, except it is a DIY project.

Cornrows in front act like a hairband. They are an imaginative way to keep hair off your face. You can do just about anything at the back - weaves, bantu knots, ghana weaving or any other hairstyle you can imagine.

Use the pictures here to find out innovative ways to do your hair.

Your only limitations are your imagination and the dexterity of your hair care profesional.

Alicia Keys Cornrows in front
Alicia Keys Cornrows in front

Celebrities and Cornrows

Alicia Keys used to wear her hair in cornrows so much that it became her signature look.

She preferred cornrow braids with added hair extensions at the back.

The hair extensions can be pigtailed, fishtail plaited or left hanging sexy, loose and free.

Ghana weaving - with cornrows in front
Ghana weaving - with cornrows in front | Source

Ghana Weaving

This is the usual look for most West African women with braids (disclosure - that's what I have on in my display picture).

The corn rows start very slim and widen as much as you want them to.

The only caution with Ghana weaving is that it can cause a lot of damage at the hairline especially if you have thinning hair.

Cornrow braids in front - Hair left loose at the back
Cornrow braids in front - Hair left loose at the back | Source

Cornrows that stop Halfway

This is one of the hairstyles that is very easy and yet looks great. It is excellent for those involved in physical activities like sports or housework, who still want to look stylish.

The cornrows in front do not have to go back straight as in the picture on the right. They could curve and wind around.

To get the cornrows to stay on tight, always fasten them with an elastic band.

The hair at the back can be curled, straightened or left au naturel. Either way, the cornrows in front prevent hair from falling over your face so you are free swing your head around as much as you want.

Cornrows in Front with the Bantu Knot

One great option is to have cornrow braids in front then do Bantu Knots at the back.

Bantu knots are an unusual hairstyle, there are a number of ways you can make it special.

You could have a pseudo ponytail hairstyle, with the pony tails beng the bantu knot.

Divide the hair into a few sections only ( less than eight), then cornrow the sections to a point. Gather the hair together and fashion a bantu knot.

Although you can make a bantu knot from a braided ponytail, I usually avoid the braid so that after a day I can loosen the knot and have a bantu braid out. It produces lovely curled hair at the end of the cornrows. If you intend to have a Bantu braid out, secure the hair with a rubber band at the base of the cornrows, to keep it together when you brush it out.


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