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Harley Davidson Jewelry

Updated on March 16, 2011

Harley Davidson riders are not known for their subtleness. With style comes accessories. In terms of Jewelry, you can find the Harley Davidson emblem on bracelets, necklaces, rings, and piercings such as earrings.

Harley produce masculine gents products based around the typical Harley Davidson flames, bald eagles, and skulls. They are thick and heavy usually kept in bare metal although some have black highlights.

The female Harley Davidson jewelry use less material to produce a more feminine appearance but still have the same styling cues as the men's jewelry.

Harley jewellery is unique, badass and individual while keeping true to it's heritage of reliable, muscular and beautiful motorcycles, complementing the fashion trends of Harley Davidson's unique design cues over the years.

Harley Davidson Necklaces

You can get Harley Davidson necklaces for men and women. The signature makes an elegant and classic design for a female necklace if you are after a dressy look and are suitable for everyday wear. The Harley Davidson logo is also available and in it's small size can suit a little black dress as much as big black leathers!

For the men, a chunky Harley Davidson ring with the logo on works well. Dog tag style necklaces are also great looking to bring that military look to your jewelry and enhance your masculinity. There is a popular thorn and guitar pick necklace designs currently available too that is going down well with Harley riders.

Harley Davidson Earrings

There is many a variety of earrings suitable for the Harley Davidson fan. Hoops, dangles and studs are available baring the various logo's and emblems.

Due to the small size of earrings the designs tend to have a singular element from the selection of Harley Davidson design queues they can take. However the Harley Davidson Motorcycles logo tends to be the most common.

The pricing is very reasonable and you don't need to fork out thousands of dollars to get a good look. The unique modern designs look look casually or in a more formal environment.

Harley Davidson Bracelets

Like Harley Davidson Watches, bracelets look fantastic on an iconic motorcycle riders wrist, just check out the photo below to see for yourself!

Due to the space available on a bracelet, much more expressive designs are available compared to earrings or rings. They can be chunky, bold, striking and masculine for the men, or smaller, elegant and light for the ladies.

However the men's style bracelet also work unisex for the rock chic going after the more dedicated Harley Davidson look.

Because of the variation of designs, pricing can vary greatly in bracelets. A pure cheaper metal with engraved logo will be the cheapest design, and solid sterling silver make up the other end of the pack, with more extravagant designs and features.

Bracelets are also easily worn and quickly removed if required (e.g. for cleaning), and due to the designs you can quickly change your look by owning a variety of bracelet designs (and this gives you the option of wearing multiple ones simultaneously or alongside your Harley Davidson watch.

Harley Davidson Rings

There are many Harley Davidson ring designs. There is no mistaking your enthusiasm for Harley Davidson motorcycles when you are showing off one of these badboys. Men's rings are chunkier with more bold logos than the women's rings.

Keep your eye out for quality pieces, most official designs will have it in their different designs. Skull rings are probably the most common next to the logo itself. However some have prints of motorcycles on too. As well as flames, chains and of course bald eagles.

Solid sterling silver is the material to go for but you can get ones with copper finishes and with the black smoke bringing the more classic Harley look to the jewelry. Titanium is becoming popular too for it's technical superiority and lightweight feel.

Harley Davidson Pendants

Along side necklaces, pendants are a good way to enhance your neckline.

Skulls and bald eagles tend to look the best and complete the Harley Davidson accessories for yourself, so you can focus on completing your bike and burning some fuel.

A newly released pendant is a mini Harley Davidson Motorcycle replica.


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      Thierry Martino 6 years ago

      Dear BlackBike. You are using our picture from our website and our products to illustrate your page. Why you did not mention us and our work? Here is the website where you can find our jewelry Stephane. . We are official licenses from HD. We are simply making the best high end jewelry ever made for HD fans. All the best TM

    • profile image

      stephane 6 years ago

      Thank you for your comment Black bike! The bracelet is for my dad and he wants this exact one! I checked Amazon, E-bay and Harley website andI cannot find a very similar one!

    • BlackBike profile image

      BlackBike 6 years ago from On The Road, On My Motorcycle

      You can try by clicking through the links in this article or the online Harley Davidson website.

    • profile image

      Stephane 6 years ago

      Where could I find the bracelet you can see on the hand at the bottom of the bracelet section?