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Heart Pendants for Mother’s Day

Updated on August 16, 2010

Heart pendants make great Mother’s Day gifts. They remind Mom of the love you share and contribute to her stylish wardrobe!  Here are some tips for picking out the perfect heart pendant for a Mother’s Day gift.

1. Consider her style.

When picking out heart pendants, you will want to choose a pendant that fits the recipient’s style. Spend some time thinking about the kind of jewelry she already wears. Does she wear large jewelry, or jewelry that is more delicate? Does she wear jewelry with embedded jewels or intricate detailing, or does she prefer unadorned jewelry of a certain material? Does she wear symmetrical, traditional jewelry, or does she wear jewelry with a more modern style? Does she more often wear silver, gold, or platinum? Does she wear long necklaces or necklaces with shorter chains? If you spend time with her often, observe the jewelry she wears and the clothing she wears it with to get a good idea of what she might like.

2. Explore all your options.

Before purchasing heart pendants, start the search early and explore all of your options. Heart pendants are very popular and there are literally thousands to choose from. Look at heart pendants in department stores, jewelry stores, and online stores to get a good idea of the selection available to you. Once you have seen many heart pendants, it will become more obvious to you what kind you gravitate toward.

3. Consider the material.

In addition to aesthetics, you will also want to consider longevity, durability, and price of heart pendants. These will largely depend upon the material from which the heart pendant is made.

Yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, and platinum have varying price tags, but are all metals that will last a lifetime if properly cared for—making your gift that much more meaningful. Durability is an important consideration if you are shopping for a heart pendant for a very active woman. While heart pendants on necklaces will not suffer the wear that jewelry such as rings or bracelets might, you still need to consider which materials will hold up well over time. Sterling silver is a good choice for durability at a reasonable price.

4. Buy early!

Heart pendants are very popular Mother’s Day gifts, so be sure to buy early to make sure the one you want is still available. Jewelry stores sell out of some selections in May. Shopping early can save you hassle and ensure that you have a bigger selection.

Image Credit: gorgiabotin, Flickr


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