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Heart Shaped Ruby Rings

Updated on January 22, 2013

Heart shaped ruby rings are timeless!

Ladies, get him to show how much he loves you, by buying you a heart shaped ruby ring for Valentine's Day.

Deep blood red rubies burn with a fiery passionate glow which when set in a ring really scream ROMANCE!

Heart shaped ruby rings are for couples who are deeply in love.

A thousand words could not express his love for you more than giving you the gift of a heart shaped ruby ring.

Rubies are traditionally associated with 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Obviously because marriages are made to last, just like rubies.

Second hardest gemstone on the Mohs scales, the only gemstone harder than the ruby is the diamond.

Rubies are basically red colored sapphires. The shade and tone of red is entirely dependent on the amount of chromium and iron contained within it.

The best rubies in the world are mined from the Myanmar mines in Burma.

2.60 cttw 925 Sterling Silver 14K White Gold Plated Lab Created Heart Shape Ruby Engagement Ring Size 8
2.60 cttw 925 Sterling Silver 14K White Gold Plated Lab Created Heart Shape Ruby Engagement Ring Size 8

Ladies, just have a look at this beautiful heart shaped ruby ring. Wouldn't that look absolutely wonderful on your finger?

This is a 14K white gold plated sterling silver ring, with a lab-created heart shaped ruby set within.

Rubies are crystal gemstones, naturally formed in the bowels of the Earth when the planet was very young and still a molten mass of volcanic lava.

To find naturally occurring heart shaped rubies billions of years later would be a true miracle! It doesn't happen, and if it did they certainly wouldn't be affordable.

So, instead, scientists have created beautiful man-made rubies with the perfect color and shape of our choosing, just for us to wear.

Lab-created gemstones are NOT the same as simulated gemstones, although both are created in a laboratory. Simulated gemstones do not even have the same chemical composition and are only made to look like the real gemstone.

Lab-created rubies are made in laboratories set up to simulate the intense heat of molten lava, with the exact chemical composition added.

The resultant rubies are flawless, unlike naturally occurring rubies which invariably become cross-contaminated by other elements they met when the whole planet was a fiery,ever-moving Hell's furnace.

In every other way they are perfect rubies.

Pluto and it's moon, Churon as taken by the Hubble space telescope. It is a distant 3.5 billion miles from the sun.
Pluto and it's moon, Churon as taken by the Hubble space telescope. It is a distant 3.5 billion miles from the sun.

Myths and beliefs surrounding rubies

Rubies are the birthstone for those born in the month of July. However on the zodiac chart, rubies are the gemstone for Capricorns.

Ancient beliefs thought rubies had healing powers. The ruby is said to help backache and toe-nail problems.

Also, in the Middle Ages the people though rubies and other gemstones were reflections of the cosmos.

Each gemstone had planetary bodies assigned to them.

Apparently the ruby was given both Mars and Pluto, which is a bit odd seeing that Pluto wasn't actually discovered until 1930.

As you can see from the list immediately above here, heart shaped ruby rings needn't cost a fortune.

Some are very affordable to all, so if you are a youngster without much money wanting to buy that extra special gift for your girlfriend to show her mow much you care, buy her a heart shaped ruby ring.

Heart shaped ruby rings make fantastic and romantic gifts, which all girls and women will adore!


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