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Hemp Cosmetic Bags

Updated on August 12, 2010

Hemp Cosmetic Bags – Are You Going to Buy It?

Bags are everywhere and they are used in many different ways for various reasons. The numbers of designs are limitless when it comes to wholesale handbags and there’s no telling otherwise to its shape and size as well. One thing that some people might look into is what material is it made of and how was it manufactured. You can always choose from branded, imitations and unique bags. For some the budget decides on what bag to choose. A hemp bag is just one of the many choices out there. So why decide on buying it? If one day you find yourself looking for a pouch to put on your make-up and other accessories, there are so many good reasons why opting for hemp cosmetic bags will be a very good choice.

So what is hemp? Let’s take a brief review on what hemp is all about. It is a plant species related to the variety of cannabis sativa. If you think you’ve heard that word before, you are correct. It is somewhat related to the plant that contains high levels of THC which is tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive drug element. However, far from your growing concern, hemp contains the lowest THC level and that a chemical compound of only less than 0.3 percent, so it’s perfectly safe.

Hemp Bag History

Being one of the oldest plants known in the world, you’re guaranteed with absolute versatility. It was recorded to be used during the 16th century B.C. by Egyptians. Maybe they were making hemp cosmetic bags out of it way back then; we all know that the Egyptians were very fond of make-up and dark eyes shadows. When the Chinese discovered the plant, the fiber was developed and processed with different techniques. The fiber was then used for other purposes such as textiles.

As mentioned earlier, hemp has many excellent qualities and that’s the reason why you’ll choose it more compared to other products. For some, the price of a product has always been a big factor that needs to be taken into account. Focusing on one factor alone might help you make a quicker decision, say, how about hemp fiber exceptional qualities. Let’s try and enumerate them.

  • natural fiber
  • durable with anti-wear and tear character
  • retains color and dye effectively
  • breathable fiber; stays cool on hot temperature and stays warm in cool temperature
  • contains anti-bacterial properties
  • fire resistant and anti –mould characteristics

Some experts regard hemp fiber as the newest trend in textile fashion. And because of its unique structure of keeping the warmth within the fiber on cool weather makes a great material for winter garments. While on the other hand, it keeps the cool within in warm temperatures. This character is best for cosmetic pouches because hemp cosmetic bags will surely not melt away your make-up on a hot summer day, so don’t go out without it. For some, making a choice on what material to buy depends on many different aspects. Sometimes practical reasons are always good choices over extravagant ones. However, sometimes it always boils down to the capability of making smart choices.


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