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Silk Invitation Boxes

Updated on August 12, 2010

Silk Invitation Boxes for Your Wedding Day

If you want to follow the newest trend on wedding invitations, you need to think of silk. Pure silk is expensive and that is a known fact. If you have the budget to splurge on pure Thai silk, you can start planning your silk invitation boxes to serve as keepsakes for the most important day of you life. Your invitation boxes can be crafted in so many different ways. You can even find a color that will match your wedding theme as well as size adjustments and embellishments.

During the old days, wedding invitations are as simple as sending a postcard to all the people you wanted to invite. It didn’t need to be given all that fuzz. Today, wedding invitations are no longer taken for granted. It is part of the big plan and sometimes with special alloted budget. If you are aiming to have your  wedding invitations made of silk boxes, you need to have the funding to go for it. You wouldn’t want to bury yourself in credit just because you want to have pure Thai silk for your wedding invitation. This binge will only work for those who can afford it. 

Costs of Silk Invitation Boxes

For those who can afford to have silk invitation boxes, the options on design and creativity are limitless. A bride can choose an exclusive wedding invitation made of pure Thai silk and make it as extravagant as possible. Wedding invitations made of silk boxes can be embroidered with jewelled brooches, rhineston crystals or adorned with pretty silk flowers. These adornments can be ensembled on silk pouches or padded envelopes.

If you are running on a budget with your wedding invitation boxes, you can always go for simplicity, elegance and class. Creativity and beauty are not only shown with embelisshments. A wedding invitation box in silk crafted carefully and presented with simple designs that exudes elegance and class can be very delightful. Behind all the glamour on your wedding invitation, the significance lies on the personal touch and the memory that will be carried along for a very long time inside that beautiful box. After ll the designing and decision making on your wedding invitations, it is time to take into account other aspects of it.

Pure Thai Silk Invitations

Pure Thai silk is a signature product of Thailand, and if your silk invitation boxes is coming all the way from that country you beeter make arrangements on making the orders way, way ahead of time. You have to take into account that there’s a possibility that the manufacturers of these products will need time to produce quality materials matching the costs of your specific orders and they might need to be carefully handcrafted as well. It is best to make your inquiries 2 months ahead of time.

You should always be in contact with your designer for all necessary changes and  arrangements. Of course you would not wish any delay on the arrival of your wedding invitation boxes that will take part on the very special day that you will be wed forever.


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