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The Essential Guide To Shaving Your Head

Updated on March 15, 2015

Many moons ago I took off my hat and took a long hard look in the mirror.  I threw up the white flag letting Mother Nature know I was done, it was over and I was tapping out of ultimate grudge match between a man and his DNA.

I’m speaking of the operation Chrome Dome. A battle fought to win the hearts and minds of my hair, a battle to convince my hair that staying attached to my scalp would be great thing. This battle was with everything from Rogaine to a variety of folk remedies.

After all was said and done, nothing worked for me, it  was at that time in a cramp dorm room, I asked my cousin to take the clippers to my skull and take it off, all of it. The operation wasn’t the best scalp I’ve ever had but it did give rise to one of the most handsome bald brothas in the nation.

After a few years of trial and error, The Scentimental Brotha developed his own scalp care system. Please keep in mind, this is how I do it, please don’t take this as an endorsement of my method. In other words, if something doesn’t work for you I don’t want to hear from your lawyer. 

My first step is a little different from first steps I’ve seen listed on other how to pieces related to shaving your head. My first step of course is to drag a warm rag across my scalp just to open up the pores. 

My second step is also a little different, I put a “base lubricant” on my head just before the shaving cream. This lube can be something as simple as baby oil or hand lotion. My lubricant of choice is simply almond oil. Why almond oil, because that’s what I have on hand and is what I use for my last step.

My third step after applying a thin layer of almond oil is to apply shaving cream. My current favorite is Gillette Fusion. Like my shaving cream, my current favorite razor is also from Gillette. I fancy the Gillette Fusion razor. Forget about the vibrating version. The manual version works just fine for the kid.

With a nice layer of shaving cream sitting up top like snow on the roof, it’s time to get down. My personal head shaving method is to choose a side(left side for me) and work from the back to the front. Why do I do it this way? Hell, I don’t know, it works for me. I reckon in my case this just happens be the way the grain lays on my head.

In other words, shave with the grain. I then move to the top and go back to just above the part of the skull that the just above the area the spinal cord connects with the skull. There is a medical term for this area but I think my description will suffice.

I then move to the other side of my head and repeat the process. To finish my process, I then go to the base of my skull making sure I get any hair on the back of my neck and shave upwards to the now smooth area I previously shaved using my hand as a guide.

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