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Style Your Couture Handbags with Outfits for a Great Price

Updated on June 19, 2013

Lady Gaga sporting a white Birkin Tote

Pure Italy  Carbotti Dark Palmetto 'Birkin' Handbag
Pure Italy Carbotti Dark Palmetto 'Birkin' Handbag | Source

I inherited my love for good quality leather handbags from my dear late mother. In fact all the women in my family prefer leather accessories to all other types of materials. Quality handbag styles tend to be timeless; they're usually not affected by seasonal fads or trends and cost a lot of money. That is why it’s important to choose well before investing your hard earned cash. Another thing to bear in mind is that a quality handbag, made by craftsman can be an heirloom if looked after well.

Being or becoming a true ‘Fashionista’ is all about creating a personal style that reflects your unique creativity and taste, it that involves having the ability to choose quality accessories that you can use beyond the current season. This means investing in quality eye catching items and looking after them well.

Here are a few simple rules for choosing a handbag.

It is not advisable to get handbag that overwhelms your body size. Petite women look ridiculous carrying over-sized bags that hang too low from the shoulder. It looks bad, and can be harmful to your lower back, particularly if the bag is too big and too heavy for your frame. Equally, tall women look silly with some tiny little thing, unless it is for evening wear: so shop according with proportion in mind.

The Care For Your Handbag

Although quality leather and suede items need little tender loving care (TLC), due to the durability of the material, they do need some all the same. Check the maintenance instructions that come with your new purse and follow them, then purchase products to help keep the leather soft, supple and lustrous and apply them several times a year

Choose Your Bag According To the Occasion

Whether you’re going to an evening gala, the beach, to a little café to meet friends, a great handbag can often be the only accessory you need that will be eye catching if you're wearing a run-of-the-mill outfit.

Hobo-style bags are too unstructured for formal events like evening galas. On such occasions the better option would be a clutch or wrist bag. It can be embellished with beading, or be made from a luxurious fabric; an eye-catching motif or colour to accent your evening dress is also a good idea for an evening clutch or bag.

What type of handbag to use for work depends on your level of seniority in the workplace. Senior managers are advised to look for styles that are simple and well structured like leather totes. The rule of thumb to follow is less fussy a style is, the more it suggests quality. What hand bag you use for everyday use depends on two things, how you feel, and what you are wearing. For me it is still de-rigueur to match the colour of my handbag to my outfit. My mother, in her youth, used to match handbag, shoes and gloves! But women rarely wear gloves as a fashion accessory these days, to a point that some women now completely neglect this important style coordinating point.

Use your Handbag to Create a Look

Choosing accessories is all about creating a look. The things to consider when creating a look what image are you trying to convey. Once you've decide on the image, then depending on your budget, the fabric, the style and colour of your outfit, choose a handbag that accents the outfit to make a style statement.

If your look is monochromatic grey, for example, then you might want to consider something that will make your outfit pop out, like offsetting it with an eye catching pink. However, if you are wearing a highly patterned dress, then consider a single colour handbag that matches one of the colours from your dress would be ideal.

Style? It’s in the Bag

Last but not least, when shopping for yourself or your best girlfriend please consider the following things:

  • The event you’re buying for,
  • The lifestyle you or she leads,
  • Yours or your friend’s body shape and type,
  • Yours or your friend’s wardrobe

The most important thing to consider is the quality of the items you want to buy before parting with your hard earned cash.

My advice, get out there ladies and express your personal styles. By walking tall and proudly displaying your timeless style you are bound to be noticed. But most of all, have fun, enjoy the experience and go out there and getting the items which will assist you in looking and feeling fabulous.


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