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How To Cure Sweaty Hands And Feet And Excessive Underarm Sweat Using Medical Methods

Updated on February 12, 2011
Cure sweaty feet using medical methods
Cure sweaty feet using medical methods

There are several different methods that you can try in order to cure sweaty hands and feet. You may decide that you want to look some medical alternatives. This is the next step to take if you are still suffering with excessive sweating and feel that there is just no hope of relief.

Consult A Doctor To Help Cure Sweating

If you have looked at how to cure sweaty feet using natural methods but have not had positive results, you may want to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your particular situation. It is certainly possible that over the counter goods are simply not strong enough to fix your problem. Speaking to a medical professional could result in you finding alternative measures that will help you.

Medication To Eliminate Excessive Sweating

A doctor will be able to prescribe medication that you could try. If you have tried to cure sweaty feet using natural methods without any luck you could be given prescription only products, which contain the following active ingredients:

  • Tannic acid solution
  • Formalin solution
  • Aluminum hexahydrate in alcohol
  • Glutaraldehyde solution

Stop sweaty feet and show them off with pride
Stop sweaty feet and show them off with pride

Alternatively you could opt for taking a course of pills instead. If your doctor has diagnosed the cause of your excessive sweating as being stress related, he or she can prescribe a course of anti depressants or anti-anxiety tablets. You could receive one of the following courses:

  • Anticholinergics
  • Catapres
  • Calcium channel blockers
  • NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Tranquilizers

Surgical Cures To Eliminate Sweating

There are surgical measures that you can take to cure excessive sweating. You would have to visit a specialist clinic to get a consultation so that the particular procedure can be fully discussed with you. It is very important that you are completely informed about what will be involved. The consultation usually involves having a sweat test in order to ensure that you are a good candidate for surgery.

Although surgery can be highly successful, a doctor can not guarantee that your particular problem will be completely eradicated. However you should notice a significant difference.

The type of medical procedure that you could face will depend on the type of sweating you are suffering from. The two procedures are available are

  • Sweat gland removal
  • Surgery to sever signals sent to the sweat glands

Sweat Gland Removal

Sweat gland removal is carried out to cure under arm sweating. When the glands are surgically and permanently removed some scarring can occur. However most people would prefer to live with the scars, if they know that this procedure will eliminate the problem.

Surgery To Sever Signals Sent To The Sweat Glands

Surgery will involve cutting and removing the nerves that connect the sweat glands to your body’s receptors. This will permanently sever the signal that is sent to your sweat glands which should in turn mean the end or at least a significant reduction of excessive sweating.

Even though it may be embarrassing, once you know what causes sweaty palms and feet and excessive underarm sweating you will be able to figure out how to deal with these issues. There are however lots of solutions that could eradicate the problem for you. Look online to find out about products and procedures that you feel are best suited to you and your requirements. Start looking now and you could be free of the embarrassment of sweat in no time.


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