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How To Gain Those Prom Hairstyles 2011

Updated on April 29, 2012

So you have got an arm candy and a killing dress for the prom night. The lone consideration is the choice of prom hairstyles 2011. Show caution, as this is an extremely important element of your beauty. Wrongly woven hair can really damage your day like none other. Be precise with your choice and assessment regarding hairstyles 2011.

Some Eminent Choices For The Prom

Nothing wins against a plain long lock flowing down with a ripple. However, you have got to be streaky to create that rage. Fake bobs, side buns and updo are eclectic choices. You can create a criss-cross atop a plunging dress for sensuality. If you vouch for convention, braided hairstyles 2011 never go out of fashion. If you have a thick volume of tresses, you can pin the majority behind your nape for that halter-pulled effect. For thin and long hairstyles 2011, that stylish ponytail just dilutes the lack of volume and gives you necessary edge. You can also opt for fishtails or a hint of curls downside. If you love wild, go messy. A casual hair breaking out from well-pinned strands is just the inspiration you need.


Added Considerations For Your Hair

You may have the tresses to invite some brilliant hairstyles of 2011, but what happens if you lack sizzle. The plain act of dipping fingers into pomade and then caressing your streaks adds zing and clatter to your hair. Remember to curl and then straighten your locks if you opt for a swell hair. You can play with a choice of brazen colors like orange or red to make a cute statement. Hairnets, scarves or just a dashing headband can accord glory to your looks. Remember to dress your hair in conjunction with your dress. If you are wearing an off-shoulder ensemble, short locks will suit more. For those with square faces, medium cut will suffice. For those with long foreheads, they should ensure that a massive volume of tresses remain in front.

Fashion Errors To Avoid

Don’t ever brace yourself with one color from top to bottom. You will mirror the look of a nursery rhyme character. Don’t compromise on hair products, especially before your prom intrusion. The gel and conditioner should hold through for the night. Maintaining sound postures is also significant to gain respectability. Don’t be rigid with your prom hairstyles 2011; allow the tresses to change its tone. Otherwise, the sameness begins to irk. Don’t invest in a celebrity hairstyle if you don’t have the correct face cut. The Rachel would look funny and awkward on a square face.

A Surprising Option For Prom Night

Whether your hair is black or white, you can choose to ride a wave with hairstyles 2011. A wavy hairstyle that ends up just at your shoulder looks stunning with just a pearl or silver neckpiece. This look needs no accessories (headbands). Moreover, this hairstyle makes a mark in fashion parties and even formal gatherings. For sobriety, you can pin your hair back and add your mother’s clip.


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    • Rusti Mccollum profile image

      Ruth McCollum 5 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

      Great Tips!