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Odd But Cool Hair Color Ideas

Updated on February 7, 2016


Most women who are bored of their appearance end up coloring their hair because colored hair can dramatically change one’s appearance. But, it is important to keep in mind that that coloring your hair is a dicey decision which can backfire if not done considering certain important factors. So, before you go to the parlor make sure you know exactly what you are looking for.

What To Avoid?

The most common mistake made by thousands of women is coloring the hair without considering their skin tone. There are many women with dark skin tone who opt for crazy colors like pink. In such cases, the hair can look horribly out of sync, and the person might end up looking like a big fashion mistake. Therefore, you should always check if the color is suiting you or not, instead of blindly following the trend.


Cool Hair Color Ideas

If you want to color your hair, but you are determined to add a little twist to the tale, then here are some cool hair color ideas.

1. Red Hair: Gone are the days when women used to line up in the parlors to color their hair light brown or honey. A trend that is always hot in the world of hair colors is red. And yes, you can consider the Hollywood beauties as the big influence! If you choose to color your hair red then there are a lot of options available to you. If you want a dramatic and yet cool hair color which will attract attention then settle for strawberry red color (something similar to Amy Adam’s). Another option is to go for coppery red. These colors are ideal if you want to try something different and yet not very crazy.

2. Balayage: If you want cool hair color ideas that are unconventional, then how about balayage? In Balayage, your hair will not be colored from the root, but somewhere between the root and the tip. So, you can keep the entire hair same and add some drama to the tips. Feel free to go for eccentric colors like pink, fluorescent green, white, etc. Basically, just show how crazy you are! Oh, and don’t forget to consider coloring the hair from mid-length instead of the tips for a cooler look…

3. Multiple Shades: You must have already seen people using multiple contrasting colors for streaking to get a more dramatic look. But, let us inform you that these hair color ideas are no longer trendy. The latest in multi-colored streaking is the usage of same-family colors. So, you can use shades like soft brown, honey, and subdued gold to get a complimentary set of streaks.

4. Ponytail Look: If you are somebody who keeps her hair tied most of the time, then you should try hair color ideas that will allow your streaks to be prominent even after you have tied your hair. So, what about streaking a few strands towards the back of your scalp?

5. Wavy Streak: There is a lot you can do with streaks. To get a unique look even with simple streaks, curl the hair strands before coloring them. You will be amazed at the difference it can make!

To Sum Up

Coloring your hair can dramatically change your appearance, so… just keep experimenting! Hope these hair color ideas were helpful. Happy coloring!


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