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Two Weird Treatments To Get Rid of Acne

Updated on July 9, 2015
What do you put on your face to get rid of acne?
What do you put on your face to get rid of acne?

Anything For a Clear Skin

How far are you willing to go to get rid of acne? Some alleged natural acne cures border on being weird to just plain, well, icky . I am not saying that they are ridiculous and stupid treatments. But the idea behind these treatments is a little too hard to take at first.

Imagine slathering your face with a bird poop or using your own pee as a facial toner. And leaving them on for a few minutes or, in the case of urine, overnight. I couldn't imagine my husband kissing me goodnight and caressing my face before we sleep, if he knew that my skin is soaking in my own golden fluid. And a lot of people wouldn't even fancy putting them on in the first place.

But for the brave and daring (and sometimes desperate), no stench or revolting thought is ever too great than the desire to get rid of acne. So they went in and got their hands dirty with these excrement, and surprisingly (or maybe not), they cleared their faces of pimples and have been putting on a blemish-free skin ever since.

In other words, these odd treatments, no matter how gross they appear, worked for them. And it might work for you too, if you have what it takes.

Urine Facial Theraphy

Urine Therapy or Urotherapy is an alternative medicinal practice that's been going on for many, many years and is more prominently observed in Asian countries like India and China. They said even the esteemed leader, Gandhi, drank his own urine.

But as an acne treatment, you don't have to gulp down your own golden fluid. You just need to splash it on your face or soak a cottonball and wipe it on your skin like a toner, preferably after you wash your face before you sleep at night, and leave it on until you wake up the following day.

They say that it smells, as expected, but the smell wears off as it dries. Some note that dried urine feels sticky on the skin. But that's pretty much it, a very simple yet very effective skin regimen, according to practitioners.

Why Urine?

Although there's no official scientific study on urine and its medicinal benefits, advocates claim that urine is the true panacea, a cure-all elixir that our own body manufactures. It is said to cure a host of different diseases ranging from the mild to chronic to something as serious as cancer and AIDS.

The gist of it all is this: urine is not really a body waste as we have been told for so long. It is a blood byproduct, a sterile liquid that contains all the excessive nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antibodies that our body have no immediate use for. Sometimes, it also has an insignificant amount of toxins (especially if you're on medication) but is generally not harmful when ingested.

By reintroducing all these back into our system, the vitamins and minerals will be reabsorbed, recycled or converted into other useful substances, while the toxins will trigger our body to produce more antibodies and thereby, bolstering up our immune system.

Actually, urine therapists suggest that you should both drink and massage urine on your skin for best results. It has effective healing properties and a toning effect on the skin. People who apply it on their face noted visible improvement on the tone, texture and glow of their skin, size of the pores and a huge reduction in the inflammation, size, and number of their pimples. It is said to be effective in removing even the most stubborn of bumps.

If all these claims are true, then it really sound like an ultimate acne cure. But no established medical and scientific research have stamped its approval on the therapeutic and curative benefits of urine, which is why skeptics are not convinced. Most of the facts are based on people's testimonials and on the long historical accounts of this holistic method.

Uguisu no Fun or Japanese Nightingale Poop Powder
Uguisu no Fun or Japanese Nightingale Poop Powder

Nightingale Poop Facial Mask

They say that when bird droppings land on your head, it's a sign of good luck. But if that poop came from a nightingale in Japan, then it's a blessing from the sky for those who desire beautiful, blemish-free skin. Apparently, nightingales don't just sing "impressive range of whistles, trills and gurgles", but their poops cure acne as well. (I can't help but contrast it with a Filipino folklore wherein a bird called Adarna, can cure any type of illness with its song, but whose droppings will turn anything and anyone to stone).

The miracle droppings is called Uguisu no Fun in Japan and is an age-old beauty secret that dates back to the time of the geisha and kabuki actors who use this exotic ingredient to cleanse their faces of make-up and maintain a healthy glowing skin. But the secret has escaped Japan and is now a high-priced spa and facial treatment in many Western countries. Even famous and glam couple David and Victoria Beckham is reportedly using this special cream on their faces.

So what is in that poop that you would want on your face?

It's Guanine, an organic enzyme that can only be found in Japanese nightingales that exfoliates and bleaches the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple (albeit a bit smelly). But don't worry, as you don't have to use the actual "fresh" product. It comes in dry, powdered form that has been sanitized to kill bacteria, so it's totally safe.

The instruction is simple. Take a small amount of powder, about 1/2 teaspoon and mix it with a few drops of warm water to form a paste. But take heart, but because the smell worsens once it's a paste already, which will strongly remind you of what it was once. Apply the cream on your skin, avoiding the eye area (and the nostrils too if you have a sensitive sense of smell). Leave it on for 20 minutes for best results then rinse well.

They said the poop scent lingers on the skin for a few minutes. So it's better to perform the regimen during nighttime because you won't have to worry about other people sniffing you out. Although if you get it done in a spa, they usually mix it with something else to mask the smell.

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