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How To Make A Fanned Mohawk

Updated on November 5, 2011
Fanned mohawk hairstyle.
Fanned mohawk hairstyle.

What is a Fanned Mohawk?

Fanned Mohawk is a hairstyle that is widely popular. It involves spiking hairs in the middle of the head and is one if the emerging trends in hair styling. Many teenagers and young people fancy having this haircut, both male and female alike. Here, we are going to explore the process on how to make a fanned Mohawk.

How to Create the Style?

The style is relatively simple to realize. It is suitable for people whose hair is straight. One has to however be mentally prepared to withstand the reactions from various people. Some people may regard individuals having this haircut to be rebellious and abhor them. It is a trendy and stylish haircut nevertheless; if one chooses it then they can have it done.

A Mohawk involves completely shaving hair that is on both sides of the head (left and right). The middle is then left with long hair which is then styled like a fan. Longer spikes need a more detailed styling procedure and also require more maintenance. Some people also involve some creativity and extra styling to incorporate braids, curls and fans. The latter technique is more common with rock stars and other public figures.

For a fanned Mohawk, one has to let the hair grow to some reasonable height. Most hair stylists will advice one to grow their hair to about six inches. The top and back need to be grown out more because they are more critical.

On achieving the desired height, one then shaves both sides of the head. A single stripe running down the centre from the top to the back is left. This may be either left at full length or trimmed to a desired height, according to what one desires.

After this has been done, one has to find the appropriate product which will stiffly hold the hair once it is put into a fan. One has to avoid using wax and other harmful products which only provide a soft grip that barely lasts long. Gel is recommended for shorter hair. For longer hair, one is advised to use gelatin that does not contain knorr flavors. This provides a strong grip which lasts a long time.

For the hair to stand straight, one has to hang their head in an upside down position. The strengthening product is then applied while the head remains in this position and allowed to set for some time. For the crown of the head, one has to gently pull the hair to an appropriate angle. The two sections will then meet smoothly once this is done well.

This process may be too difficult to carry out alone. One may have someone assist them in the procedure. To make the hair stand out well in the crown area, one may apply extra product to battle the gravity.

This hairstyle may not suit everyone. One may involve a friend if it proves too difficult, so that the desired style is achieved. The top and back may be easy to shape, but the crown may require extra caution for the fan to achieve the proper shape.

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