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How To Shampoo Hair

Updated on October 22, 2011

Shampooing is one of the basic requirement of maintaining a healthy and clean appearance. Proper hair cut with the use of appropriate shampoo and conditioners, really gives you an extra cool look. So here is a guide on how to keep you hair clean and healthy by properly shampooing it. But before going through the procedure, you should better read these basic things to make it done in a proper way.

Can Too Much Shampoo Be Used?

On condition that you rinse all the shampoo out you really can not use too much of it. Flog can be drying out, but instead it just remains in your hair for a few minutes, it is safe for all the types of hairs.

What Should Be The Ideal Water Temperature?

Hot water will work up a fine lather and aids in dissolving the shampoo so that your hair rinses fresh. Keep away from really warm water, which can usually make your hair flaccid. Cold water is best for the final rinse— it will make your hairs look shiny and soft.

How To Shampoo Your Hair Properly?

  • First of all soak your hair properly because, it is very significant that the hairs are soaked evenly and thoroughly.
  • Massage your scalp gently to excite flow of the blood to the scalp boosting healthy and shiny hairs.

  • Apply shampoo and keep in mind that hair normally just requires only one application of suitable shampoo. More than one application can result to static or fly-away conditions and the hairs will become damage due to pollution and the environment.
  • Rinse your hairs and It is very significant to assure that no residues of shampoo remains as this can dry skin out make an itchy scalp.
  • Put the conditioner and let it distribute evenly throughout the hair first by means of your fingers then applying a comb.
  • Rinse your hairs. Use cold water to complete which will close the cuticles and makes your hair shiny.
  • Dry your hairs with towel but never rub the hair as this will crusade embroiling and damage the cuticles of your hair.

Few Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Shiny

Wash Your Hair Daily

This can differentiate from one person to another person; for instance, if you have thick hairs, then you require to wash your hairs daily, but instead if you have thin hairs then it is not suggested to wash your hairs daily the reason is that conditioners and shampoos have many chemicals in them, and if your hairs are very thin so it can crusade damage to your hairs and finally your hairs start falling.

The oil secreted by the oil glands on our head skin has some vital nutrients that aid in maintaining your hairs shiny and healthy. Too much washing of your hairs can make your hairs dry and dull. 


After washing your hairs always use a conditioner, conditioning aids in keeping hairs moisturize. When conditioning, begin applying the conditioner just from the ends of your hair and make assure that you do not apply to the scalp the conditioner.

Special Treatments Of Your Hairs

Many times coloring your hair or applying heat products regularly can ruin your hair. In order to maintain the shine and health of hairs, you can take particular treatments of hairs that can be done in any salon also. These hair treatments are very easy to use and by these treatments hairs can make healthier.

Some More Tips Of Hair Washing

  • Begin shampooing your hairs from the back of your neck and then into your cutis.
  • By Using a comb you can distribute the conditioner very easily and smoothly.
  • From your hairs blot the water into a towel and do not try to rub hairs as it is so weak when it is wet.
  • Do not wrap out your hairs for a long period of time over your head in a towel; as by doing this roots of the hairs can be damaged.

  • Do not do blow dry your hairs as it is harmful for your hairs.
  • Keep your hair dry naturally in the air and avoid blow-dryer.
  • Do not wash your hairs much more, as natural oil produces in your hairs is healthy for the growth of your hairs.
  • Do not comb your hairs when they are wet as they damage your hairs.
  • Always Rinse your hair with warm water to remove out dirt and then rinse in cold water so that your hairs look shiny and clean.

How To Shampoo Men's Hair


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