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How To Make Dread Locks On Caucasian And Other Straight Hair Without Messy Gel

Updated on September 30, 2012

Best Products For Making Dreads

How To Do Dread Locks

Dreadlocks are great to have but can be difficult to get if your hair is too soft, straight or if you your not using the right products.

Every body with any texture hair can enjoy dreadlocks, but to make dread locks on different hair takes different strategies.

Have you ever heard of the crochet method where you can backcomb, twist and insert a small crochet needle in and out of hair to lock the hair without gels or waiting for month? Well here it is below. This method can be used to lock dreads faster or on any hair that is hard to lock.

How To Make Dread Locks Using The Crochet Method On Straight hair

It is more than possible and will take time but is well worth the effort. This technique can be used to make new dread locks or re-attach dreadlocks after they have broken .

You will have to practice until this method feels natural to you. A small crochet hook (needle) will smoothly go in and out of your hair binding it together. However if the needle is difficult to remove you may have to use a smaller hook.

Be sure to have the hook facing your finger. Point the needle in an comfortable angle and move needle in and out with a fast rhythm. No worries you will get good at this.

Be sure not to point directly towards your fingers. Those small hooks will hurt if your get scratched or punctured!

How To Make Dreadlocks On Straight Hair - Instructions

Locking your hair with the crocheting method will take time but this technique is well worth it. Your dreadlocks can be loose or as tight and firm as you want it.

The first time you backcomb or back-push and crochet your hair will allow you to have a dreadlocks look but be able to undo this with a little work. However if your go over your locs a second and third time this could make your dreadlocks more permanent.

You can neating up your dreadlocks by reshaping and from the stray hairs by palm-rolling your dreadlocks with light hair products if your choose.

You can also lightly mist hair with leave in conditioner , setting lotion or water and braid hair overnight or dry under dryer to allow hair to become wavy once braids are removed for a different look.

I want to also let you know that you can also neaten up your dreadlock ends with the crochet hook as well.

Please visit for more informative instructional videos about how to make dread locks. Use the search to find what your looking for fast. Please vote up or like me if you found this useful.Thanks!


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