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How To Wear Red Lipstick This Season

Updated on September 26, 2010
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This fall is all about a new minimalism when it comes to make up. The trend to follow? Simple foundation, no eye make up (or very little eye make up at least,) and a stunning red lipstick. It's a look that's very vintage in its style, which is unsurprising given that fashions from the 50's, 60's and 70's are roaring back with a vengeance.

When thinking red lips, think Bettie Page, think pin up, think Mad Men, think pretty office girl in a sweater marvel ling over how clever the men were who made typewriters easy enough for women to use. Sure, its misogynistic as all heck, but one shouldn't let ideology get in the way of being really really incredibly fashionably good looking, should one? There's a good girl.

What red lip color should you choose? Well, there are, as always, a plethora of red lipsticks available on the market. Choose one that makes you happy. If you must press me for a specific product recommendation, Beyonce's Infallible red lipstick may be an excellent choice, if you need a lipstick that will survive dinner, dancing and Armageddon itself.

Here's a quick how to on the art of wearing perfect red lipstick this fall:

  • Get a good lip liner. Lip liner is the difference between crisp lip color and a sloppy mess that makes you look like a drooling monster cougar.
  • When applying your lip liner, start on the 'cupid's bow' of your lips (that's the little dip in the middle of your face) and work out in short strokes. Short strokes increase the likelihood that you'll end up with a precision lined lip, rather than a clown inspired outline that may or may not conform to the general shape of your lips.
  • Once you have your lip liner, apply your red lipstick with a brush (only barbarians apply lipstick from the tube) and ensure that you cover the lip liner. Lip liner is necessary, but it shouldn't be seen. Think of it like the structural timber of the face. It's necessary, but if you can see it once you're finished 'building' your face, then something has gone horribly wrong.

And that, my fashionable friends, is pretty much it. Fall is about letting your lips do the talking and not cluttering your fine faces with color from stem to stern. A popular theme this fall is 'statements'. You'll find ladies wearing statement hats, statement necklaces and indeed, statement lips. This fall, let your lips define you.


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