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How to Choose a Diamond Engagement Ring

Updated on February 3, 2010

You have made your most important decision in your life and finally you have decided to propose to her. You must buy a Diamond Engagement Ring but as most men don't consider buying a diamond for themselves, they aren't always the best diamond experts. (If you had to buy an electronic equipment while proposing, things would have been easier:) Don't worry, you don't have to be a diamond expert. I've been in that route before and I'm here to help you.

The first thing you must learn about the diamonds is the "4C" rule. The 4C will tell you how to evaluate a diamond and gives you information about the most essential criteria of a diamond; CARAT CUT COLOR CLARITY .


Carat Defines the size of a diamond and it's the most important criteria defining the price of a diamond. The size of the diamond increases exponentially (4 (four) "0,5 carat diamonds" aren't worth 1 (one) "2 carat diamond") It should also be the most important thing in your mind. Considering your girl friend isn't a diamond expert, she will only care about the size of the diamond at first glance. If the size of the diamond is satisfying you can be sure that your girlfriend would use that happily. The clarity/cut/color are important criteria for defining the value of the diamond but they are hardly recognizable with bare eyes. (assuming you are buying a diamond without any defects seen with bare eyes, if there are visible defects of a diamond don't bother buying them)Those criteria are important if you consider selling the diamond in future.


Color of a diamond is an important factor for the pricing. Colorless diamonds are more valuable than colored ones. There is a grading system for the diamond colors. The color between two grades isn't recognized by naked eye but you may notice the color difference if you between 4-5 grades. If you look at the color scale you may see that D-E-F are considered colorless and they are the most expensive. In my opinion you may spend the extra money on a bigger diamond instead of a colorless one. G-H-I-J are considered near colorless and it's really hard to notice color of such diamond. Most of the diamond rings are H-I colors and it would be ok to give your girlfirend one of those.


The claritfy of a diamond defines the flaws of a diamond surface. It's very hard to find a flawless diamond and most of the time VVS1-VVS2 or VS1-VS2 would be fine for a solitaire engagement ring. Don't become picky about the clarity, it's very hard to notice such minor flaws with bare eyes, just be sure that you aren't buying a lowest grade diamond with noticeable flaws.


The cut of the diamond ring is important for the perfect glare of the diamond. A diamond with good cut reflects the most of incoming light and provide a shining beautiful diamond. The quality of stone such as color and clarity depends on the natural characteristics of the diamond, however the Cut of the diamond is in the hand of man and the experts are trying out the best for the perfect diamond.


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