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How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring

Updated on May 5, 2011

How to choose the best engagement ring

Embarking on a more serious relationship specially being engaged is an activity we all anticipate. It is like a new school, new life plus it is a major decision -- one step to getting hitched. We don’t want anything to go wrong on that day -- proposal and engagement day. We surely don’t want the engagement ring to fall short of the expectation of the lady we love. I will share some tips about choosing the best engagement ring for your loved one.

Choosing the best engagement ring for your loved one is sometimes stressful, you want to give the best for your loved one and at the same time you don’t know what does she really want and will make her happy.

It is also the moment you have been anticipating, the proposal plus the accompanying ring, and you should make it sure it will be alright and there is no hassle involved. Choosing the right engagement ring is not a difficult task at all as long as you know the basic things to consider.


How to Coose the Best Engagement Ring 1

Choose a budget, think about it first, how much you can afford or how much are you willing to spend. Since this is an engagement ring it should be a precious stone, it’s a symbol for many of us. Actually two months salary is usually the suggested price but then it really depends upon you. Be sure to feel that you are not pressured at all.


How to Coose the Best Engagement Ring 2

Decide on the stone of the ring, platinum, diamond, antique stones, gold, white gold or other precious stones. Once you decided what precious stones you will give the love of your life, then you can compare prices online if you are connected to the Internet.

How to Coose the Best Engagement Ring 3

Check and compare the prices first: if you have computer, you can go to sites which sells jewelries online. Like Kay jewelers, Jared, Blue Nile etc. I have written articles about where to buy precious stones or jewelries. Check on here.


How to Coose the Best Engagement Ring 4

You can also visit two different places in your locality that sells jewelries, and talk to them if you can buy jewelries and then check their return policy.


How to Coose the Best Engagement Ring 5

After canvassing or knowing the type of jewelry you like, you are ready to buy your loved one an engagement ring, some people I know opt to bring along their girlfriend after they have done searching and comparing prices, so they can choose the ring they like, of course you have done your initial work already so this is an easy task for you, but the main thing her is that the surprise entity is not there anymore if you bring along your girlfriend.

Hope this helps and Congratulations!





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