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How to Cut Your Hair, Ponytail method and more.

Updated on March 19, 2016
Don't be a slave to your hair.
Don't be a slave to your hair. | Source

How to step by step

Ok first you need to know this is for long to medium layered hair cuts.

1. Wash and towel dry your hair. This works best after a shower or bath.

2. Brush your hair the way you normally would and gauge about how mush you would like off the length. I wanted to go to my shoulder so I figured I wanted about 4" off the length.

3. Gather all of your hair on top of your head. This works best if you turn your head upside down and gather a ponytail on the top of your head. Brush several times to ensure that all of the hair is straight up. There will be some hair that falls away, like your bangs and shorter baby hair around the sides and back of your neck. This is fine, let it go.

4. Run your hand all the way to the top of the ponytail so you have a all/most of your hair still straight up above your head and very carefully put a ponytail holder tightly around your hair while you hold it straight up. You will want to make sure that you do not twist the hair while doing this. The ponytail holder needs to go just below the area where you plan on cutting. You will know where to cut from your previous approximation of how much you wanted off the length. So if you want 4" off you will want to put the ponytail holder about 5" from the tips of your hair when holding it straight up above your head. Secure it tightly while keeping the hair straight above.

5. There are two ways to cut. You can either put a second ponytail holder in the spot just above where you plan to cut or just hold it straight across with your fingers and cut. I chose the latter method and it worked well.

6. Remove the ponytail holder and style as desired.

Tip... If you are unsure how much to cut off start with a small amount and cut more again if needed.

Length Only

To cut your length only and the get the tapering towards the front do this simple method.

Part your hair down the middle and then down the back. Dividing your hair and pulling it forward over your shoulders.

Combing it straight and rubber banding it under your chin.

Cut to the length you want it, this creates an even taper across the length of your hair.

This method can only be done if your hair is long enough to meet under you chin.

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    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 6 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      I am surprised that not a soul has commented on this. I did it and I love my hair... Did you do it? What result did you get? Looking forward to your answers.