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How to Get Rid of Body Acne with Simple Home Remedies

Updated on April 26, 2012

The face and neck are most often affected by acne, but did you know that it can happen on other areas of the body as well? The back is another very common area for acne to form, but it can happen on other parts as well such as the chest or upper arms, for example. Luckily body acne can be treated with a few simple home remedies, so let’s have a look at where to start.

Body Acne Remedies

When trying to get rid of acne, the most important thing is to ensure that the skin is kept clean at all times. It’s not ‘dirt’ that causes the problems, but rather excess oil, and getting rid of it will help minimize outbreaks. Oil can clog the pores and clogged pores can lead to infection and pimples. Bacteria on the skin is another common cause of acne, so getting rid of that should also help.

Jojoba and Tea Tree Oil

These two oils can be used to clean the skin. Jojoba is well-known for its acne-fighting and cleansing properties. It’s an oil that won’t clog the pores, and actually helps to clear out impurities by bringing it to the skin’s surface. It’s also very skin friendly because it’s very similar to the sebum that our skin’s product anyway. This may also be why applying this oil may help reduce sebum production.

Tea tree oil works miracles when it comes to killing acne-causing bacteria on the skin, and adding just a few drops to the jojoba oil should already give you great results. It also helps to reduce inflammation and to heal infection if it’s already present.

Homemade Cleansing Masks

There are two clay powders that are believed to be extremely effective body acne remedies. The first is Bentonite clay and the second is French green clay. What makes these clays so effective, is the fact that they draw excess oil and impurities to the skin’s surface. Once the clay becomes wet, the molecular structure of it changes and this is why it attracts excess oil and impurities like a magnet. Once you wash off the clay, you’ll be getting rid of the impurities as well. All you need to make an effective mask for body acne, is a little water and an equal part of clay powder. Mix the two together and apply it onto the affected area. Wash it off once it’s dry and moisturize the skin.

Homemade Scrubs

Exfoliation is another very effective way to treat body acne at home. It gets rid of dead skin cells that sit on the skin’s surface, and may also help to clear out clogged pores. Some very common and affordable homemade exfoliants include sugar, salt, coffee grounds and oatmeal. All you need is a lubricant like olive or jojoba oil, and you have a body scrub that could rival any store-bought product.

Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera juice or gel to the skin can help soothe the irritation of acne-prone skin and may also help to reduce the redness and inflammation. Its anti microbial properties makes it a great choice, and it also won’t clog the pores or cause further irritation to already-red and irritated skin.

The home remedies mentioned above can give you a great head start in sorting out body acne at home, but if you’ve used them for months without any visible results, it may be time to speak to your Doctor about acne medications to help get rid of the acne.


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    • Emeraldgreen21 profile image

      Atell Rohlandt 5 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks Chaelpeck. You should try the homemade masks for the back. They work really well. :-)