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How to get Gorgeous Brows with DIY Brow Tinting Kits

Updated on April 27, 2012

Many of us, myself included, aren’t blessed with dark eyebrows. In the past, I had to make a trip to a local beauty salon to get my brows tinted or use a brow pencil to darken the light and sparse hair. I’ve since discovered home brow tinting kits and I’m really pleased with the result. Tinting your brows at home is really easy to do and is a very affordable alternative to having it done at a salon.

Products and Tools

A Brow Tinting Kit

Petroleum Jelly



Cotton Balls

A Small Saucer

A Small Paint Brush

Getting Started

The brow tinting kit usually contains everything you need to tint your brows at home, but I’ve chosen to replace one or two things to get better results. You should pluck your eyebrows at least 24 hours before you color, or leave it until afterward. I prefer to pluck after I’ve colored, simply because the hair is much darker and it’s easier to shape the brow.

Step1: Start by squeezing out a small amount of the brow dye into the saucer or a plastic lid and then add a few drops of 10% hydrogen peroxide. Use the brush to mix the two together until it forms a smooth and creamy paste, you’ll also notice a slight color change in the paste itself.

Step 2: Once that’s done, use the earbud and apply petroleum jelly around the eyebrows. This will help create a barrier between your skin and the dye. This is the easiest way to ensure the color goes where it’s supposed to, and you’ll be left with minimal staining around the brows. Most brow tinting kits contain special stencils, but I’ve found them too troublesome to use, and have settled for the petroleum jelly instead.

Step 3: Leave the dye on for approximately 10 minutes and then wipe it off using the cotton balls. Be sure to wipe the brows thoroughly to remove any excess dye. By then you’ll be able to see the end result.

If you want to, you can then pluck the brows or shape them further to define the arches. I tend to do all the plucking at this point because it’s just so much easier. If you pluck just before applying the dye, you might end up with a reaction to the chemicals in it because the skin may be broken or irritated.

Using a brow tinting kit is really easy once you know how, and it’s a far more affordable alternative than a trip to your local beautician. The great thing is that there are a number of shades available so you’ll be able to purchase a kit that more or less matches your natural color if you don’t want darker brows.


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