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How to Get Your Face Ready to Apply Makeup

Updated on June 19, 2013
How to Get Your Face Ready to Apply Makeup.
How to Get Your Face Ready to Apply Makeup. | Source

Keep it Simple ~

Simplicity is the key in how to get your face ready to apply makeup.

No matter what the occasion is, be it for everyday makeup or a night out, how to prepare the skin is much the same.

Simple skin care that is effective is far more beneficial to your skin and how your makeup performs, than using may different products you think you need or should be using that may in fact work against you.

As a Make Up Artist and Beauty Therapist of over 20 years, I have a passion for skin care, makeup and passing on my knowledge and advice in both.

When I look back to how these Industries have changed over the years and how people are becoming more and more conscious about what they are using on their skin, it is about time.

Saturday Night = Party Night

a ritual of spending hours getting ready for your Saturday night out will be familiar to some!
a ritual of spending hours getting ready for your Saturday night out will be familiar to some! | Source

Did You Know

  • The skin is the largest organ of the body.
  • Your skin loses 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells nearly every minute.
  • 90% of household dust is dead skin cells.
  • Going to bed with makeup can age skin 7 times faster.
  • Oily skin tends to age the slowest.
  • 80% of visual damage to skin is caused by UV rays.

The Ritual ~

Getting ready for the ritual “Saturday night out” used to be a major occasion in my house as it was for many of you, I am guessing.

Maybe it is still a much anticipated weekly routine for you so good for you!

I used to take hours and I do mean HOURS preening and prepping my youthful face and body, listening to my “get in the party mood” music, sipping a glass or two of white wine and deciding which outfit would be sure to impress the Dublin lads.

Then when I’d cleansed, toned, applied a facial scrub, body scrub, plucked, moisturized, applied fake tan, painted nails, applied face primer, applied all my makeup and my jewelry, changed outfits a good few times . . . . I was ready to go! Phew, I am tired just thinking about it now.

Over the top? Absolutely!

Was it fun? For sure!

Now it’s my niece who goes through the ritual I and her mum used to do and my brother no doubt thinks Here we go again.

What else affects our skin?

  • Genes
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Health
  • Medication
  • Climate
  • Smoking
  • Excessive Drinking
  • Hormonal Changes

Skin Care Basics ~

Everyone’s skin is different and should be treated as such.

What is adequate skin care and makeup for teens is totally different to a mature woman. Skins have different needs at different times of our lives in a nutshell.

We are constantly bombarded daily in magazines, adverts and media sites with stunning women with flawless skin.

Knowing how to achieve that flawless skin starts with how to prepare the skin before makeup is applied.

For this article we will take a look at how to get your face ready first thing in the morning before applying makeup for the day.

Olay - Affordable and Effective

with a large range of skin care products designed for different skin types and requirements, they are an excellent choice.
with a large range of skin care products designed for different skin types and requirements, they are an excellent choice. | Source

Simple Skin Care ~

On a daily basis before makeup is applied two things are vital.

A face wash or cleanser and a moisturizer.

When we wake, our skin will be makeup free as we will have removed it the night before.

The first thing we need to do is use a face wash.

Use Face Wash Daily

you may apply it in the shower or afterwards when the skin is warm and pores are open.
you may apply it in the shower or afterwards when the skin is warm and pores are open. | Source

Face Wash ~

Face wash will cleanse the skin gently whilst stimulating the skin. This may be used in the shower which saves time if you are in a rush and may also prove easier to apply and remove with a constant flow of warm water.

A face wash should not leave the skin feeling very dry, taught or extremely tight. I have found certain brands which claim to leave the skin feeling cleansed, soft, smooth or hydrated often do not deliver.

When purchasing a face wash you need one to be alcohol free and gentle.

If you have never considered making your own face wash, help is on hand as I have several great homemade face wash recipes that are quick, easy to prepare, are chemical free and will save you money.

Using store cupboard ingredients or ones easily found in supermarkets, health food stores or online you will never turn back to store bought brands. My suggestions are a Cucumber Face Wash or a Rosewater and Lemon Face Wash (could also be used as a skin toner). Natural skin care is fantastic for your skin and so many regular fruits, vegetables, oils and just about most things may be used to make skin beneficial products that work.

If you have traces of makeup still on your face or have very dry skin you will need to use a facial cleanser instead of a face wash, using both is not necessary. Many women just prefer the feel of a cleanser which is perfectly fine.

What's your must have skin care item?

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Facial Cleanser ~

Cleansers will vary in textures from very light liquids to thick creams. Most of them will need to be applied with the fingers and massaged into the face and neck (often forgotten about) and removed with a cotton ball or piece of cotton wool.

If you are using a roll of cotton wool, cut it into strips and then into small squares. It is less wasteful. Always dampen cotton wool before using on the face it won’t drag the skin.

If your cleanser is suitable for eye makeup remover and you still have traces of yesterday’s eyeliner, then use it on a Q-tip very gently. Otherwise you will need to apply an eye makeup remover.

If you would like to try some homemade cleansers a couple great ones are an Apple Facial Cleanser and if Aromatherapy appeals to you my Aromatherapy Face Cleanser is right up your alley!

Made with gorgeous essential oils including Lavender, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang this is not only effective but smells divine.

The idea here is to keep things simple. Other skin care products that are essential but do not need to be done first thing in the morning or before applying makeup are:

Facial Scrub

Lip Scrub

Facial Mask

Toner ~

Not a vital daily product following a face wash but after a cleanser I would recommend to use one.

Toners remove the last traces of cleanser removing any excess oil in the process.

They prep the skin for moisturizer.

Again, toners vary greatly within brands. Some are extremely astringent with strong “chemical” smells and leave the skin extremely tight and dry.

Others will not be overly drying and will leave skin with a nice fresh tingling sensation which is what you need.

With so much variety out there everyone has their own personal favourite which is fine if you are happy with the results.

Simple solutions for skin toners are Rosewater or Witch Hazel which are inexpensive, effective, have multi uses and rosewater for example is easily made at home if you grow roses.

Moisturizing is Important

no need to over use a moisturizer. use a small amount as shown for the entire face and neck.
no need to over use a moisturizer. use a small amount as shown for the entire face and neck. | Source

Products I love using and would recommend for the over 20’s age group are:

Eye Cream or Eye Gel

Skin Primer

Night Cream

Moisturizer ~

Moisturizer is the base to which you will be applying your makeup. A common misconception is oily skin does not need a moisturizer. All Skins need one but the right one.

Drier skins will need a richer one than a combination or oily skin that may require an oil free moisturizer.

When choosing a moisturizer, always try it out first at a cosmetic counter or ask for a sample to try at home and do a patch test to avoid any allergies or reactions you may.

It should be suitable for your skin type, have no fragrance and moisturizer should contain a minimum of SPF 15 to help block the harmful rays of the sun, lasting for 8 hours to provide maximum skin protection.

Olive Oil is a great skin moisturizer which I use at night or if my skin is having a makeup free day at home but it does not have sunscreen.

Apply little dots of moisturizer on the neck, chin, forehead and cheeks. Using small circular movements massage cream into the skin.

Wait 10-15 minutes before applying makeup, you need to give skin a chance to absorb the moisturizer for best possible makeup application.

This is an ideal time to go and have breakfast before applying makeup to your clean, moisturized, soft and supple skin!

Author Info ~

Information on the author, her bio and full body of works available @Suzie HQ

Credit to homesteadbound ~

All dividers used in this hub are used with permission granted on hub, Creating Dividers to Use on Your Hubs


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