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How to Hide a Blemish

Updated on November 9, 2011
Small eyeliner brush
Small eyeliner brush | Source

Everyone gets a zit or a blemish from time to time and there are many ways of covering them up with make-up and hiding them. Here is one, easy way of covering up most blemishes.

What You Will Need

1) You will need some milk of magnesia. This is a laxative that you can purchase at any drug store for a fairly cheap price. You do not need a fancy name brand; any store or generic brand works fine.

2) Loose mineral powder. This has become very popular in recent years. Bare Minerals was the first to capitalize on this trend and other brands have followed suit. I use Maybeline but, pretty much any powder will do. You do not want to use the mineral veil but, the loose mineral powder that matches the color of your skin.

3) You need a small eyeliner brush, having two separate brushes are preferred but, at least one is necessary. You need this kind of brush for the trick to work. It must be small, similar to the one pictured above.

4) A small make-up sponge.

The Trick

1)Start with a clean face. Go ahead and apply your make up the way you normally would. Ignore your blemishes for now. When you are ready to begin, you want to take a clean eyeliner brush and dip the very tip inside the milk of magnesia. You only need the tiniest amount.

2) Very carefully cover the blemish with the milk of magnesia. This will dry almost instantly and will leave a white residue. You can just rub this off very lightly with the same brush or the make-up sponge. You only need to do this if you need to control the oil at the blemish site.

3) Dip your eyeliner brush inside of the loose mineral powder. Then, tap off the excess and carefully push the brush on the blemish, pressing the powder into the skin. You can actually add a pretty thick layer of powder here and you can use either your finger or your make-up sponge to press the powder up against the skin. Continue to do this till the blemish is covered.

4) If you find that you can still see the blemish a little bit-don’t panic. You can dip the eyeliner brush in a tiny bit of liquid concealer and then push the brush up against your skin. Remember never to smudge or wipe, the trick is to push or press the powder and/or concealer into the skin.


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