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How to Manage Keeping Your Real Age

Updated on June 28, 2015
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A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Business Management Major), I worked my way through multisectoral exposures.

Some people could look much younger than their actual age. You’ll find it hard to make a right guess. They could look a decade younger or even more. This person, especially if a woman, could be the target of envy among other women. Lots of our women today are very much concerned with how they look and appear to others as they grow older. It remains a fact that our society is striving hard to continually seek for products, knowledge or services to retain beauty and vitality. Though there are many products in the market that promise you to look 10 years younger, they are somehow not totally honest with what they are promising you.

Products enhancing your beauty through cosmetics, surgery or whatever innovative technology they employ today can only enhance your age and even speed up your aging process. Early appearances of old- age- tell-tale signs are evident on these women resorting to modern beauty-enhancing techniques. However, results provided by these products or services are temporary in nature and soon enough, you will be repeating the same procedure all over again. Maintenance is quite costly once you had started and you should not refrain from doing it again if you don’t want to appear worse that when you were before. These products and services could last for certain duration and later will produce ill effects.

Worrying about your age can only add more to it but there are some natural ways to slow down the appearance of old age.

Worries Can Add to Your Age

Stress is the No.1 culprit for premature aging. Aside from the physical appearance of wrinkles, worrying a lot over petty things can cause your body to deteriorate. Majority of major diseases today are identified to have stemmed up from worries and stress. As much as possible, stay cool at all times. When you feel you’re burnt up or stressed up, get away from the situation while you can’t handle it. Take time to slow down and take a rest. The best way to do it is to get away from people and do some Bible-reading. The Bible can not only give you the relaxation you need but it can open up your thinking to a much wider perspective. I am firm believer of the Bible as the Word of God. I also believe that through reading God’s Word, you are provided with a beauty that radiates from within. A pure heart and a clean mind will always result to a magnificent beauty that comes from the inside out.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Make exercising a daily habit. It can help you generate an oxygen supply. This activity will regulate your calories intake and automatically burn excess fats. An adequate supply of oxygen is a good fat-burner.

A little exercise done daily can’t do you any harm. You don’t need the strenuous activities if you have developed that daily habit of doing slight exercises. Even while just sitting in your office, you can still do some exercises. It’s always good to do some minor movements with your hands, fingers, toes, feet, ankles, joints, shoulders and even with your head while in your working desk. As you grow older, you need more body liquids to lubricate your joints and you can do this by taking a well-balanced diet. Add a well0balanced to your daily exercise and you will have a perfect fit and vitality.


Drink a lot of Water and Other Healthy Lubricants

Drink a lot of water, juices and milk. Lubricants are good for the human body. Taking a cup of coffee as an early morning starter ( is good for your health, coffee has an anti-oxidant substance which can prevent early appearance of wrinkles. A minimum of 3-4 cups a day is good for the heart. More than that can be detrimental to your health, in-between meals, taking juice and water can give you additional liquid and substance needed by the body, to replenish that which has been lost while you’re doing your activity. Try to drink fresh juices instead of powered ones that you buy in a grocery. There are added preservatives in them that can harm your body. A glass of milk with calcium and memory booster substance is perfect before going to bed at night. It will surely give you a good night sleep.

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Wake up Early and Don’t Sleep Late

Eight hours of sleep is needed by our body. Less than that will lower our body’s functionality. Taking a good sleep at night will automatically condition your body to wake up early with vitality. Waking up early could give you more time to prepare your body for a few more strenuous activities later if required during the day. You may start with an early jog, do some morning meditation and take a good, cool bath. This can be a perfect activity for the day.

Avoid Using Make-Up Regularly

Unless a necessity, refrain from wearing make-up and other cosmetics at all times. Wearing of make-up especially at a tender age can damage your skin especially in the face. Women who wear too much make-up can develop early signs of aging compared to those who seldom use them. Chemical substance in cosmetic products can harm your natural-aging process. A woman fond of using hair- coloring dyes may have hair falls or early appearance of gray or white hairs. A hair dye contains ammonia, a toxic substance corrosive to the scalp’s skin and can damage your hair follicles. However, too much exposure to radiation can also make you age early. Exposure to equipments and gadgets bearing radioactive materials can cause early aging aside from other side effects which are only found out later in years.

Reading the above tips may have motivated you to make a start on what we have recently discussed here and you may even have made additional research to augment your learning. Doing this can be fun and knowing that it will cost you nothing other than your time will surely minimize your worry about running after those two most sought-after factors in life: beauty and vitality.

Have a Daily Meditation

Meditation is said to be an activity for the soul. While you are having your meditation, you may communicate with God. For some religion, meditation is connecting to one “Supreme Being”, “The Supreme Deity”, or “The Great Source of Light.” Meditation is the perfect time for you to unload all your stress and worries. Once you meditate, you are opening yourself up, releasing yourself from any stress or worry as you ready yourself to communicate intimately with the “Maker”. This gives you a sense of calmness and tranquility. Manifestation of this can vary in form depending on the psychological status of an individual. Likewise, it also depends on the spiritual level of an individual. No matter what you believe in, meditation can give you a kind of mental rest and treatment. This can also mean cleansing of your thoughts and purifying your spirit. A troubled heart and a troubled mind create confused thoughts which can affect your decision-making. Since decision-making is needed not only in your business and career but even in your daily living. You need to develop a clear thinking. Meditation can help you on this.


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