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How to Tie a Silk Scarf for Evening Appeal

Updated on August 24, 2015

Silk Scarves present an individual with many opportunities to accessorize apparel appropriately. Although there are many different ways to drape a silk scarf around your neck, some are more suitable than others are. For elegant evening pleasure or livening office wear, one knot of scarf does not suit all.

First Considerations for Evening Wear

Before deciding on how, you need to know which ones. Silk scarves come in all sizes, shapes, hues and styles. It is safe to say, avoid the short squares. Long, flowing silk scarves appear more elegant and chic. These are the ideal selection for charity benefits, cocktail parties, a night at the opera, a visit to the theater and similar events.

Make sure, however, the silk scarves are hand-painted or hand-dyed. These are the crème de la crème of silk scarves. The use of special dyes and individualistic artists produces a one-of-a-kind sumptuous product. It is far superior to either mass-produced retail offerings or designer silk items. The uniqueness of hand-painted scarves ensures no one else will be wearing your signature scarf. It also adds to the cache that each scarf is 100% pure silk, drapes fabulously and drifts in an inimitable fashion.

How To Wear And Tie A Silk Scarf

There are several ways to wear and tie a silk scarf to be effective with an evening dress.

  • Drape the silk scarf around from the nape of the neck allowing the 2 free ends to dangle down towards the chest cavity. To shorten the length of material hanging, wrap it around the neck once.

  • An alternative to the front dangle is to start at the front, wrap the scarf around the neck once. End up with the 2 ends flowing down your back. This is truly striking if the dress features a plunging neckline. This, and the previous method, are both effective if the wearer wishes to conceal such things as neck wrinkles, scars or birthmarks.

  • You can also drape the silk scarf across the nape of your neck towards the front of the neck. Take one of the 2 ends and throw it across the opposite shoulder. You can then allow it to fit tightly around the neck then flow down, or let it hang loosely from neck onto the shoulder.

  • To complete or highlight your elegant eveningwear, try creating a rosette using a long silk scarf. Grasp the fabric and, beginning at the nape, bring the material to the front of the neck. Take one of the ends and begin to twist it with the other. Continue this braid-like effect until the material begins to double up on itself and creeps closer to the base of the neck. It will sit somewhat off center. Once you have reached the end of the fabric, take the loose ends popping them behind the newly created rosette. This look is particularly effective for those who have long graceful necks.

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