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Silk Scarves and Shawls for Women – The Ageless Accessories

Updated on August 24, 2015

Without doubt, there are few one-style-suits-all clothing. Some types simply are not suitable – or flattering, for women of all ages. Some clothing turns a young woman into an elderly aunt while others create an impression of “mutton dressed as lamb.” There are items of clothing that are truly non-generational and ageless. This rare group includes silk scarves and shawls.

Silk Scarf/Shawl Style

A significant fact about silk scarves and shawls is their versatility. You can wear them in so many different ways. This makes them a resourceful addition to any wardrobe. From the classic head, neck and shoulders wrap to an innovative band below the breast line of any dress, these crafty and silky swathes are suitable to the young and the old. Weave one into your purse or hair and any female of any age can be satisfied with the results.

Consider a sarong. In the far past, women of any size or age have draped scarves over their body to create a sarong. Today, they recreate a modern version on beaches and at casual events. While scarf halter-tops are popular and even funky, this is best left for the young, however, there are other options that please and suit all age groups. Depending upon the mood or the occasion, silk shawls and scarves may provide an outfit with a more mature and/or classic look. Alternatively, adding a splashy silk scarf can infuse some fun and originality into an ensemble.

Design-ing Silk Scarves and Shawls

There is much to tout concerning the designs of silk scarves and shawls. While others, both mass-made and designer versions, fail to deliver in variety and uniqueness, this is not the case with hand-made items. In doing so, hand-dyed silk scarves and shawls do not aim at a niche market of a certain age. The massive array of designs in vivid or muted colors, geometric swirls and subtle patterns, truly appeal and add appeal to everyone.

Colorful Silk Scarves and Shawls

Selecting a color that is suitable tends to rely on what we think flatters our complexion, and hair color and cut. It also depends on our personal taste or preference. Bold or pastel, we pick what we believe is flattering. Unfortunately, the readily-available mass-produced items do not consider this. Due to economic concerns, they restrict their output to specific colors, styles and designs. This is not applicable or true of hand-made silk scarves and shawls. The wide array of shades, designs and patterns makes finding something you want as easy as pie.

Hand painting silk scarves

Silk Scarf/Shawl Fabric

What can be more luxurious or timeless than silk? Unlike clothing fads that come and go, ageless silk accessories have stood the test of time. Wrapping yourself round with sensuous silk is something no woman from 16 to 90 can resist. Who would not like to feel the interplay between silk and skin?

Silk Scarf/Shawl Cost

Too frequently, the cost of something luxurious and sensuous is prohibitive. This places such goods beyond the ability of many young and old consumers. This is not the case with hand-made silk shawls and scarves. These incredibly beautiful, unique and ageless items sell at a retail price that is considerably less than the price of any of their more expensive, manufactured and less desirable designer alternatives.

Making hand painted silk scarves

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    • Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

      Pamela Kinnaird W 7 years ago from Maui and Arizona

      Oh, the lucky lady (or man) who has this silk-painting business. I thought I would be so lucky one day. That was ten years ago when I finally bought some products so that I could get started. Within three tries of making various designs on silk material, I gave up. It is a very difficult art to learn. My colors ran even though I had the white stuff down on the silk. I had good products. That wasn't the problem. (Dupont Silk Dyes) I wished there was a school or some lessons I could have taken, but there weren't. (Honolulu, at the time.)

      A lovely, lovely article.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      They are certainly unusual beautiful. You can't your eyes of it. Thank you for showing.