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How to Wear Bangle Bracelets for Spring Fashion

Updated on August 22, 2016

Women's hands have always been considered a symbol of tenderness. To accentuate their beauty many of us wear bracelets. This hub will give some tips on how to wear bangle bracelets for spring fashion. But before I delve into the spring style deeply, it's necessary to talk about the basics: what kind of bangle bracelet suits your wrists better.

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How to choose a proper bracelet

If you have a skinny wrist, opt for narrow bracelets. Choose silver or gold bangle bracelets, or wide bracelets with unusual material combination.

For average wrist, any bangle bracelets will work, especially if you combine several styles, forms and volumes together.

Ladies with large wrists should not overuse massive bracelets or several bangles combined. Instead, the best option would be an average-sized bangle bracelet with unique design.

Bangle Bracelets

These bracelets have been in use since ancient times and still are trendy nowadays. They are found in different cultures including African, Indian, South American and European.

This season designers recommend bright, massive bangle bracelets made of various materials. Chanel offered the "rule" to wear bangle bracelets in pairs - same bracelet on each wrist.

It is also trendy to combine bracelets from different materials, color and even styles. The only rule is that the combination should have harmonious color scheme and fit your style.

Spring fashion is dominated by three top bangle bracelet choices. They are:


1. Silver Bangle

Silver bangle bracelets are super trendy this spring. Combine them with gold or black. Or wear just silver. They would match any occasion, be it a casual outing with friends or an evening at a party.

2. Jade Bangle

All designers agree: natural stone is trendy this season. Though it's more for a casual look, jade bangles vary in colors from white to deep green and will match almost any outfit. They also have different styles, from polished to carved or even with sterling silver.


3. Gold Bangle

Another precious metal, gold, is still in fashion. Huge golden bangles can be combined together for a "red carpet" look, or can be worn with smaller bracelets for more casual style. Get creative and find bracelets with different original ideas like knots or ornaments.

Another stylish idea is wearing several bangle bracelets with bright clutches. Check out these four color combinations.


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