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Buying a flat iron

Updated on May 4, 2015
KQC X-Heat flat iron
KQC X-Heat flat iron

Currently there are a lot of flat irons in the hair beauty market but you should not feel lost or intimidated on choosing the flat iron you need. You might feel like its good idea to take advice from someone who have tried the flat iron already, but some flat irons are more suitable for specific hair type, therefore, the outcome may not be the same.

To find out which flat iron you need - the first question to ask is - "what type of hair do I (you) have?" After you know that, let me narrow the other key questions, specifics, and definition for choosing a flat iron.

1. "what type of hair do you have?"

The plate width depends on the length of your hair more than the hair style you want. The most common size is the 1" plates, which might tempt you, but you are better off matching it to the length of your hair. By choosing the correct plate width, it can reduce your hair styling time.

1" plate is standard size and will create most of the hair styles needed, but it is more suitable for medium length hair (below your ears and above your shoulders). Recommended: CHI Original 1" Flat Iron and KQC X-Heat Flat Iron

Larger width plates (over 1") are for longer hair (below shoulders) because it will not only reduce styling time, but it will also reduce the amount of times you need the flat iron to pass by your hair, thus reducing the damaged that is possible done to you hair by passing over the same secition of hair multiple of times. Recommended: CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic 1 ½” , GHD IV Salon Styler Ceramic Wet to Dry Flat Iron 2”, and Avanti Ultra Wet-Dry Nano-Titanium-Silver Ceramic Digital Flat Iron 1-3/8”.

Smaller width plates (under 1") are for shorter hair (above ears) because you want to always keep the flat iron a 2-3 inches away from your head to reduce heat to hair contact that will possible damage the delicate strands.

2. "What are the difference in Flat Iron technology?"

Ceramic technology plates produces a natural source of negative ions and far-infared heat that eliminates frizz and seals in moisture, while conditioning and leaving your hair smooth and shiny. Most flat iron plates in the market are now infused with Ceramic material. However, some are still better than the others of course.

Nano-Technology is a process where the material is made into super fine - microsized particles and is then infused into the plate surface. This technology is better but pricier, of course. These technologies are listed below:

Nano-Ceramic technology plates is better than the regular Ceramic technology because it produces more negative ions and far-infared heat.

Nano-Tourmaline technology plates is an earlier technology compared to the other Nano-technology that are listed below. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone known for it's negative ion generating and smoothing properties, therefore, it is infused into the flat iron plates with the Ceramic technology. It also assist in heating up quickly, maintaining stable high temperatures and cooling down quickly.

Nano-Titanium technology plates is a newer technology compared to Tourmaline. This new technology offers a smooth glide and will not snag, pull or stick to the hair. It is an exceptional conductor of heat, is stable at ultra-high temperatures, and provides optimum heat performance. It can straighten hair up to 40% faster.

Nano-Silver technology plates are infused in the housing and plates to combat germs and is effective in conditioning the hair. This creates a "germ-free environment" every time you use it which makes it good for hair stylists and germ-a-phobes.

Chi Flat Iron
Chi Flat Iron

3. "What temperature settings do I need?"

All flat irons will come with either fixed or vaiable temperature settings. To choose which one will suite you most will depend on your hair texture and your styling needs.

If your hair is thin, delicate, damaged, or fine, it is best to use a variable temperature setting flat iron will be more suitable because you are able to control the heat and keep the flat iron from getting too hot.

If your hair is thick, coarse, hard to straighten, or curly, it is best to use a fixed temperature setting flat iron because you are able to crank up the heat on the areas where it is difficult to straighten.

However, variable temperature setting is more preferred and is good for the stylist who likes to have more control.

4. "Can i use the flat iron to create curls?"

Most flat irons can create curls, however, it also depends on the users curling techniques.

5. "How long is the warranty period?"

Most flat irons will have at least 1 year warranty guarantee. Some are more. Make sure you buy a well named brand flat iron such as KQC, CHI, GHD, Babyliss Pro, NP Group, Avanti Ultra, etc.


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