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how to buy a hairdryers

Updated on April 24, 2015
Velecta Paramount TGR Tempo SL from hairstylist outlet
Velecta Paramount TGR Tempo SL from hairstylist outlet

Currently there are a lot of hair dryers with new technologies in the hair beauty market but you should not feel lost or intimidated on choosing the hair dryer you need. You might feel like its good idea to take advice from someone who have tried the hair dryer already, but some hair dryers are more suitable for specific hair type, therefore, the outcome may not be the same.

To find out which hair dryer you need - the first question to ask is - "what type of hair do I (you) have?" After you know that, let me narrow the other key questions, specifics, and definition for choosing a hair dryer.

1. "What is your hair type?"

For any type of hair, it is important and is highly recommended to get a hair dryer with multiple heat and speed settings.

For thin or fine hair, you will lower heat and speed settings to make it safer by reducing damage.

For thick or coarse hair, you will want higher heat and speed settings and a higher air flow for faster drying; and use the lower settings for styling needs. Also, you can turn off the ion generator to create more volume for your hair.

For curly hair, get a diffuser with your hair dryer to create bounciness, defined, frizz-free curls.

The ceremic, ionic, tourmaline, nano-titanium, and cool shot button technologies can be used for all hair types.

2. "What are the difference in hair dryer technologies?"

Ceramic technology adds shine and protects hair from heat damage and frizz.

Ionic technology produces a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat to seal in moisture, leaving hair smooth and shiny by drying the hair from the inside out which also decreases drying time.

Tourmaline technology increases the amount of negative ions and far infrared heat that are produced to magnify the effects of the ionic technology - reducing drying time and adding more shine.

Nano titanium technology uses titanium metal due to higher thermal conductivity, higher corrosion resistance, and higher strength to weight ratio. When nano titanium and ceramic technology are infused into the grill, it will reduce drying time and for gentler drying.

Velecta TGR Tempo XXP from hairstylist outlet
Velecta TGR Tempo XXP from hairstylist outlet

3. "What are the addition features and accessories for?"

Cool Shot button is used when you want to set the styling look for longer lasting hold and to add shine.

Multiple heat and speed settings are useful because it will allow for different hair types and easier for styling results. Some hair dryers will also allow you to turn off the ion generator to create more volume.

Diffusers are used if you want to create bounciness, defined, and frizz-free curls.


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