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How to grow a beard faster and get that strong new looks with style

Updated on September 26, 2012

Growing beard is easy for some men; although it is somehow difficult for the other.

I think beard will depend naturally from genetic factor, if you come from a family where most men can easily grow thick beard in their sleep, then it is a blessing.

Some people also believe that beard depends on how high your testosterone level is. How to grow a beard faster? Why such a question really that matter? A man without beard is still a man, why so bother.

Anyway, beard for some men may become a necessity. In some cultures beard becomes really important, it may symbolize how masculine you are, representing power, ranking, religion beliefs, and a lot of other things.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, beard will offer you variety of looks, because with different beard styles for men, your face will also look different. Variation is good; you will never get that the same boring looks and it may attract women who admire men with beard.

Sometimes this “how to grow a beard faster?” question is become so overwhelming. I think most men with strong beard growing habit would try different styles to get more attractive looks. I believe it is also a trend, something that is interesting to follow if we think the same about the world of fashion for women.


How to make beard grow faster and thicker

I think because some people believe beard depends on testosterone level, so eating rich protein food, get enough sleep, and try to avoid stress, may help you to grow beard thicker and faster.

So, start eating fair amount of egg, fish, and perhaps beans or nuts, to help increase the testosterone level, with the hope you can get the beard to grow faster.

Studies proved that stress may cause hair loss, therefore try to relax more.

Reduce the stress level, and get the healthier both hair on your head as well as the facial hair to grow gloriously.

Taking certain supplements would also help you to nourish your hair.

One of the most highly recommendable is biotin, Vitamins E, C and B3, B5, B6.

How to grow a long beard? Fear the beard, and get that masculine looks.

Just like the legendary story of black beard, the notorious pirates from Caribbean, he was well-known because of the thick black beard, which may symbolize power.

Fear the beard, and be manlier as you can ever be. Anyway growing facial hair needs a serious dedication and commitment to get a satisfactory beard growing result.

How to grow a long beard need such an intense principle to follow?

Because some men are getting disturbed by itching and try to shave them off, before it actually grow to its full capacity.

It takes patience; it may take at least a month to get the ideal shape.

Never try to trim facial hair within the first four to six weeks, since before reaching this stage the individual hairs tend to have different length and growth rates.

The moment you get itchy or perhaps rash on your skin try to use dandruff shampoo, at least twice a week.

At the end of a month, you will see your facial hair coverage with full length, and you can start working with whatever you have.

Each person will have different coverage area, thickness, as well as the length.

Beard unlike hair on your head will never grow throughout your face, again genetic factor plays the important role. You may want to keep your face clean at all time.

Cleaner face will allow facial hair to grow at greatest level.

Try to use hot towel on your face after cleaning, to open pores so facial hair can grow without any obstacle that may prevent them to grow better.

Some Beard styles for men you might want to try

I think beard styles for men is limitless, as long as we are creative with our imagination, we can trim and shape our beard with style.

Different facial hair styles will only work on different face shapes.

You might first need to attempt a few experiments and ideas on how your beard style will look like on your face, whether it is compatible.

Nevertheless, the key element is to get enough coverage of facial hair growing, so you can have more options and perhaps try different looks on monthly basis.

Enjoy your beard growing experience.



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    • greeneryday profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      Robert Erich, thanks and glad that you like it... cheers!

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 

      6 years ago from California

      I love the beard diagrams in this article! Entertaining and beneficial! ;)


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