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How to have a clear and glowing skin naturally!

Updated on February 1, 2014

How to have a clear glowing skin

All of us want to have a clear glowing skin. It is possible. I am going to ask you to do simple things that I've done myself. Believe me it works if done on a regular basis. First of all we need to focus on what we eat. Let’s focus on the first step

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Fruits for skin
Fruits for skin | Source

What you eat is what you become!

1.Drink plenty of water

Water detoxifies our body. We all have heard it a couple of times. It purifies the blood. As a result we can have a clear skin.It keeps our body hydrated. Water is life. I don’t want to further elaborate on that

2.Stay away from greasy food

Don't take food that have high amount of fat and oil. This will make your skin oily. Personally talking about me, I love cheese and sausages. I also love chips and stuffs. Junk food is a no-no to your skin. I used to eat a lot of cheese, butter and more. This made my skin oily .As a result I got so many pimples on my face. But after few months I gave them up with a technique I used.

I wrote on a piece of paper "Chips" "Junk food". Crossed on it and stuck it in my room so that I would see it every day. This technique may or may not work for you. But that was the best way to train my subconscious mind to stop eating those things.

After few months of giving up junk and oily food I could see the difference in my skin. All my pimples vanished. The scars erased and skin glowed up.

3. Take enough fruits and vegetables

These are vital source of vitamins. Vitamins are necessary for our skin. They are good for anti-aging, for moisture, for dark stops etc. We have researched about it many times. That's why you came to this page.

Protect your skin

Now we've talked enough about the foods we should focus on. Now we'll move on with the other things to protect our skin.

1. Using sunscreen protection

Protecting your skin with proper SPF is very necessary. Some of you have oily skin and some dry. You need to choose the right one for your skin. Gel based sunscreens are good for oily skin. Wrong sunscreen could lead to pimple break outs. So make sure that you choose the proper sunscreen.

2. Use umbrellas when you walk out in the sun!!!

You might find it funny that I included this one but this is a very important thing. Try to use umbrella for 30 days at least and see the difference. Sun rays are harmful to your skin too. So be careful.

Let me tell you about my experience. Every day I used to get exposed to sun for at least 10 minutes. I realized that I was getting darker. My face started to look old with a lot of black heads. I then promised myself that I would use umbrella everyday despite it being heavy. A week later I noticed slight difference. Then I knew what my problem was.

3. Moisture for your skin if you have a dry skin

Moisture is very important for your skin if you really have a dry skin. Don't forget to dab some cream which gives moisture. It does not necessarily have to be a fairness cream or a whitening cream. To look fair you need the glow from inside and have a clear skin. Always give moisture to your skin.

On a scale of 1-10,how much are you satisfied with the condition of your skin?

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What more!

Now we will talk about how to take care of your skin regularly

1.Cleansing and toning .This is an essential step. Every night before you go to sleep, do it. Use the proper product for your skin or use a homemade product. Homemade or natural facial cleanser is much better. Milk is one of them.

Doing this before going to bed can remove the dirt in the pores. Softly massaging with the cleanser can also improve blood circulation.

2.Scrub your face once a week

This would clear the dead skin and help in regeneration of new skin cells. Scrubbing will also increase the blood flow to your skin.

3.Multani mitti or fillers earth to be used as face pack.

Once in 15 days you can make face pack of fillers earth and rose water. Apply this paste on your face until it becomes dry.The paste does not have to be thick. When you wash it you can use a wet towel. I recommend using fillers earth because it works great.

Fillers earth is natural and is good for skin. This is the best face pack that has worked for me. It's not good to use cosmetic products as they could have harmful chemicals. That's why I use multani mitti with rose water.I make a smooth paste and apply it on my face. Leave it until it dries and wash with lukewarm water.

Again I ask you to get multani mitti. You won't see the change in just few weeks but for at least few months.Buy it!


4.Honey and lemon face pack once a week.

This will definitely make your skin glow. Do it once a week regularly.

Personally the steps I do are : Using an umbrealla, cleansing my face before going to bed and using multani mitti or fillers earth . I gave up eating junk food. I started drink lots of water and taking healthy food. In three months, I could see my skin glow.

The things I’ve asked you might be difficult to follow regularly at first. But once you start doing it regularly, it will become a habit. You should not skip things. For example, you drink plenty of water, eat fruits but get exposed to the rays of sun in the afternoon time. If this is the case, then you might not get the result you want.

Similarly, you cleanse you face, moisturize it and do every possible thing externally but you do not eat healthy food and not hydrate your body. Then you will not get the results you want. To get the desired result you should take note of each and everything you do.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I drink plenty of water but it doesn't work for me...... pls give me more advice on how to reduce pimples

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      4 years ago from SW England

      When it was fashionable for young ladies to be pale-skinned, they all used to have 'parasols' when going out in the sun; sun-tans were not considered as lady-like! How wise they were.

      I've always drunk a lot of water and I try to keep away from fats and oily foods. My skin is ok but getting old now!

      Good advice.


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