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How to Look Skinnier Without Dieting or Excersize

Updated on February 16, 2014
Look stylish and slender
Look stylish and slender

You are beautiful the way you are its true. You don't have to be a size zero to look and feel pretty. If you are feeling self conscious about the way you look there are some tricks you can try that will flatter your best assets and draw attention away from what you feel are problem areas. The way you dress can completely change the way you look. Different body types require different looks.

picking the right sizes
picking the right sizes

The Right Sizes

When shopping be sure that you are buying clothes that fit you right. This means clothes that fit comfortably but don't hug your body to tightly. Buying clothing that are baggy or to loose will give you the appearance of being larger than you are. Be sure not to get clothes that are to tight this is uncomfortable and will give you a misshapen look. Even if you are dying to fit into a smaller size pick out the one that fits you best because it is much more flattering.

picking the right pants
picking the right pants


There are different style pants for all shapes and sizes. If you look great in tight jeans but your tummy hangs over try a style of jeans that goes higher up over your belly. The support will feel more comfortable and your tummy won't hang over this way. You can also try wearing pants that are stretchy around the waist hug your butt and then become loose fit and flow down around your legs. This is great for larger hips and is a very classy look you can even wear to work.

Adding length to appear taller
Adding length to appear taller

Adding Length

Adding some length to your look will make you appear more slender. Try a pair of heels these make you taller and give your legs an attractive tone look. Avoid horizontal stripes they will make anything look wide. Pin stripes going up and down do the complete opposite they give a sleek slender look. Using your neck line is another good trick. Wearing a blouse and hair style that shows off your neck is a great way to elongate even models do this.



What ever you do don't slouch! Standing tall and proud is important. Even the skinniest people will appear frumpy and lumpy this way. slouching makes your belly stick out and look bloated. The key is posture, When you stand up, stand up straight. Your tummy naturally tucks itself in when you stand this way. This is the easiest of tricks and is even good for your back.

Choosing the right sizes and patterns
Choosing the right sizes and patterns

Designs and Patterns

Try only simple patterns and designs. Large patterns make you look bigger and wider so you are going to want to avoid these. Solid colors are the very best option they are slimming and are not to busy. The same thing goes for any shiny or sparkly fabrics they draw to much attention so you may want to avoid these as well.

Choose the right colors and shades
Choose the right colors and shades


Always wear colors that look good with your skin tone. That has nothing to do with appearing slimmer it is just a good rule to follow in general. Once you get that part down try wearing darker colors. Black is always slimming but you can't always wear the same color all the time. You really could if you wanted to but it wouldn't be as much fun. Try pairing black with some bright colors. I wouldn't go with neon but more of a deeper shade like a dark pink or a turquoise. These colors are bold but will still keep you looking slender.

Wearing fitted clothing
Wearing fitted clothing

Fitted Clothing

Wearing a tailored jacket can work wonders. A coat or even a shirt that has a cinched waist can build the image of a smaller waist line. It is important to have a waist when dressing. Breaking up the different sections of your body will make you appear taller and in turn slimmer.

Using body shapers
Using body shapers

Body Shapers

Body shapers are another great trick. They are comfortable and slimming. This is exactly what they are made for. They go underneath your clothes like underwear and smooth out areas of your body that might bulge out otherwise. They come in many sizes shapes and colors. They have some for your whole body and some for just your mid section. These are great to wear under fitted dresses.


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