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How to take care of your hair in the winter?

Updated on November 23, 2012
Who does not want to have a beautiful and healthy hair? An example of a beautiful hair!
Who does not want to have a beautiful and healthy hair? An example of a beautiful hair! | Source

Winter is all in its way back and you could feel slowly the changes taking place around you with it. People residing in the hotter zones of the world welcome winter wholeheartedly as it comes in those places for a short duration only. But what counts much is that one needs to be aware of some of the problems associated with this cold season. For instance, as soon as the cold breeze comes in contact with the body you may come across different types of problems related to the skin and hair. It has been found that normally the problems of the hair and skin increases around ten times during the winter.

Winter special hair care

Well, let me assure you first that there is nothing much to worry about it. What you need to do is to start taking winter special care which would help you to move along very well in this cold season. With winter special care you would be glad to find that neither dry hair nor dandruff could give you any problem. Now the question is what are those tips which would help you to be safe during this season? Believe me these tips or suggestions are as easy to follow as a, b and c. Of course, these tips or suggestions would work like a magic provided you follow them properly. Let us check out these valuable yet easy tips on winter hair care which are as given below:

Choose a suitable shampoo in winter

Well, you may ask what is new about this tip? Well, let me explain you this in detail. Generally, your hair remains in a good condition throughout the year, that is, you may have either normal or oily hair. But as winter comes it starts getting drier. The condition becomes worse if you keep on using the same shampoo which you normally use at other times of the year. What is ironic is that one uses winter care products to protect one's skin but forgets to do the same justification to the hair. Hence, it is very important to use a moisturizing shampoo in the winter. Besides, you should also remember to use a suitable conditioner to condition your hair properly. One more thing that you need to take care off is that after doing shampoo make sure to wash it properly with water. If shampoo remains on the hair it appears dry and dull.

Do not use hair dryer in excess during winter

In winter, generally it takes a bit longer for the hair to dry. But this does not mean that you would use a hair drier very often. Sometimes, excess drying of the hair may result in excess falling of the hair. Besides, this also dries the scalp and the problem of dandruff increases. Hence, it would be wise not to use too much hair drier in the winter months.

Visit a beauty salon once a month

As soon as the winter begins make sure to do a deep conditioning spa. Besides, in the winter it is important that at least once in a month you visit a beauty salon for a deep conditioning spa or for applying the nourishing oil massage on your hair.

Make sure to take a healthy and balanced diet

Apart from taking external care it is also important to take special care and keep your hair healthy from inside. To achieve this you need a healthy and balanced diet. The adequate balance of carbohydrates and proteins would help to maintain properly the health aspect of your hair. Moreover, to maintain the humidity level of your hairdrink several glasses of water in a day. Besides, it is also important to make sure that you have at least one sweet lime every day in your diet menu.

Keep in handy

There are certain things which you need to have at your convenience which would serve your purposes best during the cold season. These are as given below:

  1. Keep in your toilet box a deep conditioning shampoo and a conditioner.

  2. Make a warm mixture of almond oil and coconut oil together and apply on the scalp twice a week.

  3. Amla also works as a natural home made conditioner. Mix sour curd and amla and apply it on your head twice in a month. Keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse it with water properly.


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