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How to use Perfumes in the right manner - Correct Usage of Fragrances

Updated on October 19, 2015
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Anamika S. Jain has been a social media consultant for six years. She has written more than 200 articles on relationships and dating.

Correct Way of using Perfumes

Too much of Perfumes can give people migraines, nausea, allergy attacks, mood swings etc. Though it may not affect the wearer directly, it can affect people around us. So, if we are wearing Perfumes, the right usage is very important. Especially in a work place one should not wear heavy perfumes. It is a pity that even many people who buy expensive perfumes are not aware about how to use the perfume in the right manner.

There are many things the user should know when using perfumes. Given below are some Do’s and Don't s of using Perfumes.

How to use Perfumes in the correct manner
How to use Perfumes in the correct manner | Source

Do’s and Don’ts of using Perfumes

How to use Perfumes in the correct manner? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of using Perfumes.

1) Not every Perfume would suit everybody. One has to select scents that best suit your body chemistry and the effect they’d like to have on another individual. Choose a perfume that suits your personality and the image you want to portray.

2) Do not use too much Perfume. A small dab of perfume on wrists, behind ears, in the inner part of elbows and knees and on a neck near the collar-bone would be sufficient. Another way of keeping your fragrance subtle is by spraying in the air and stepping through it. If you do not want the original scent affected by the perspiration and musk of the individual you can spray the perfume over the hair.

3) Use Shampoos, lotions and powders etc which compliments with your perfume. In other words, the perfume should be used with unscented products or the same scented products for best results.

4) Usage of Vaseline or oily creams can help the fragrances to stay long.

5) There are different fragrances for different times. Perfumes suitable for day usage may not be suitable perfumes for the night out. Similarly, Summer Perfumes may not be suitable during the winter months. Also there are a different set of options in perfumes for men and women.

6) Use subtle scents in places like office or crowded places as heavy scents can be quite overpowering and can cause reactions like allergy attacks, headache and nausea in some people.

7) Invest on quality perfumes.

8) Wear your Perfume before you wear your jewelry.

Remember that the purpose of a perfume is to make you more appealing. But if your perfume is making others ill or uncomfortable, then it is failing miserably for its intended purpose. So choose your fragrance well and use it in the proper manner to get the desired effect you want.

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  • nikipa profile image

    nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe

    Anamika, thank you for sharing! Nicely done!

    I think some people should take into consideration the quantity of perfume they pour on themselves... I met such people and it's really unpleasant to be in their company... It is difficult to breath properly and the only thought is how to escape quicker. Just my opinion...

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

    Hi, yes perfume can be dangerous if it is used to much, I remember walking past a girl recently and she nearly choked me with the smell! great hub! cheers nell

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 6 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    Thanks for your input shaekelly. Actually many people or unaware of the problems they may be creating for other when wearing heavy fragrances. As a fact I personally have suffered from migraines several times because of perfume inhalation.

  • shaekelly profile image

    shaekelly 6 years ago from Alabama

    I am glad u covered this because, I have asthma and too much on any fragrance, an i might be E.R, bound. I love this hub.