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How to wear a maxi dress well

Updated on January 17, 2010

Get the best maxi dress for you..

The maxi dress is a perfect option when you want to look respectable, but can't be bothered. Also if your having a 'fat day', you can slide on a maxi dress and feel at ease, or some people just like the look.

Caution should be taken when purchasing your maxi dress, as they often involve a lot of colour and detail. If you choose colours or a style that's not right for you, you can easily look frumpy.

Nicole Richie's a fan of the maxi dress, and she gets it right every time. She chooses colours that harmonize with her skin tone, accessorizes perfectly, and sticks to certain styles. As you can see, Nicole keeps her accessories minimal, this is advisable as the maxi- dress should give a natural look. Also, hair should be worn down, and kept simple to make your look work for you best as it can.

The different styles of maxi dresses are very similar, it's really only the cut of the neck that varies significantly, aside the colours and patterns. Halter necks suit big busted woman best. Boob tube styles suit women with broad shoulders best, and spaghetti straps are best for small-medium sized busts.

In picture 3, the maxi dress that the model is wearing does nothing for her. The colour and pattern of the dress would best compliment sun-tanned skin colour ,blonde hair, and a larger bust. It's not bad, but this woman could find a maxi- dress that suits her a lot better than this one. For dark skin and hair like the models in the pic, pink and purple tones will suit best.

In picture 4, the brunette models dress is a good style for her, and the colours harmonize with her skin tone. The blonde model on the other hand, looks like a bag-lady that hasn't seen the light of day for 2 weeks. The skirt of the dress is shapeless, and too big for her frame, and that blue is way too bright for her skin tone. People with pale skin need to be careful when it comes to bright colours, as they can make them looked so washed out. Dark and pastel colours will look best against pale skin.

Beware the bag maxi- dresses..Shapeless straight cut dresses like the one the blonde is wearing in picture 4, and like the one in picture 5, they will do no-one justice.
Some dresses will have more shape than others. The smaller you are, the slimmer the cut of dress you should go for.

Maxi dresses are best accessorized with a boho-style handbag, plain solid bangles, or a cardigan worn over top. Avoid necklaces, as these dresses tend to pretty busily detailed. Some small simple necklaces are okay, but anything big or a bit chunky with a maxi dress will look over the top.

Usually sandals should be worn with maxi dresses, or thongs/sandals. Cork wedge shoes go well with maxis too, particularly if they're a tad long. Any other type of heels should be avoided, unless the maxi dress is a silky fabric evening style.


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      angel 2 years ago

      A maxi dress is a type of dress that is long, usually floor-length, and made with soft, free-flowing fabric. These dresses come in a wide variety of designs, from floral prints to solid colors, as well as many styles, from halter dresses to bandeau tops. Most women wear them as maternity dresses because they are comfortable, but it is common to see them worn as summer dresses.