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Huggie Earrings Hoops that Hug your Ear

Updated on December 3, 2012

Huggie earrings are perfect for busy moms with small children, or people with long hair, who don't want their hair to become entangled with their earrings.

Huggie earrings describe a certain shape and type of hoop earrings. They are earrings that hug close to the earlobe, making it more difficult for them to become entangled. They are also safer for women to wear when out and about.

They are also occasionally known as "ear hugging earrings", so close a fit they make.

Huggie earrings are generally thicker than normal hoop earrings, in fact it is this thickness that makes them look as if they are hugging the earlobes.

The hoops of Huggie earrings have two halves. On one end they are joined by a post that goes through the earlobe piercing, and the other end has an opener to put them on or take the off. The opener is at the bottom of the hoop when wearing them, towards the shoulder. In this position, the opening is invisible to others.

Huggie earrings are small but very visible earrings because of their thickness. It is almost impossible for them to be grabbed and pulled out the ear piercing hole because they are so close fitting to the ear itself.

Like all earrings, Huggie earrings can be made out of a variety of materials including plastic and glass, as well as expensive gold and silvers.

Titanium 14K Gold Inlay Huggie Hoop Earrings
Titanium 14K Gold Inlay Huggie Hoop Earrings

This beautiful set of lightweight titanium gold Huggie earrings has a really attractive band of gold through them, creating a gold/silvertone look.

Titanium is a precious metal that is actually the 9th most common naturally occurring element in the planet.

Known nowadays as the "space age metal" it has found many uses in modern day industries due to its strength and lightness.

When mixed with other metals to form alloys, titanium is commonly used in the aerospace industry as well as in mobile phones, laptops, automotive industry and even as horseshoes.

In fact, the uses for titanium are too widespread to list here.

Stronger than steel but lighter than aluminium, titanium doesn't rust or crack and stays shiny even when subjected to the elements and sea water.

It is often used in hip replacement surgery and similar. Partly because of its ability to be coated with colored materials to give it an attractive and durable sheen, and partly because it does not cause allergic reactions, titanium is widely used in the jewelry and body-piercing trade.

Huggie earrings really are the ideal solutions for busy people who work with situations that could be potentially dangerous for wearing earrings.

Whether you are a workman on a building site, or a busy mum caring for young children, huggie earrings offer an ideal solution.

They really are a safer alternative that look really attractive too.

Buy your Huggie earrings today.


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