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Womens Watches and How I Really Love My Skagen Watch!

Updated on February 10, 2018

Skagen Watch

I've never really cared much about watches. I usually buy an inexpensive one at Target or Walmart and use it until the batteries die. Then they are put in the drawer and forgotten. Last week, while cleaning out my drawer, I noticed I had more than a few of these cheap inoperable watches. So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and spend some money on a more reputable watch. I was prepared to spend a couple hundred dollars if needed. I even thought I would get one with some glitz, unlike the very casual ones that usually adorn my wrist. I began my search online, as I really do not enjoy the shopping experience like I used to. With coffee in hand and laptop poised, it was on.

It didn't take me long to find the Skagen watch. I was instantly drawn to it for several reasons. Its elegant appearance, slender and sophisticated band, mother-of pearl face, feminine shape were just the beginning. Page after page I studied; so many to choose from. I could have ordered them all! But I would never do such a thing. So I narrowed my selection down to four and then two, and then I picked the one I had to have.

Watch Delivery

My Skagen Watch arrived four days after placing the order online with Amazon. It was in a white official-looking box. Inside my beautiful silver time-piece was wrapped around a small-white pillow, just waiting to be awoken. I adjusted the clasp (love that feature, as my wrists are very small and I never get my watches adjusted, so they usually just dangle annoyingly), and slid the sexy crystal-adorned jewel onto my wrist. Hook, snap, snap, and there it was, fitting me perfectly, oh so comfortably, and looking very expensive and gorgeous as well. Love it!

Department Stores That Sell Skagen Watches

Macy's sells over 120 varieties of Skagen watches. Their regular prices range from $115 to $250. They currently have 3 of the leather-banded women's Skagen watches on sale for $86.49 and one of the men's stainless steel band Skagen watch priced at $93.99.

Nordstrom offers over 90 Skagen watches. They are regularly priced from $125 to $175. They They are having an Anniversary sale right now with 9 watches priced as low as $82.90; both mesh and leather straps are available.

Skagen Watch Selection

Just look at all of the choices. The prices are reasonable as well. My Skagen is marked $130 and I did a search and found it selling for that price through other sources. I was able to purchase mine for only $80 and free shipping with Amazon! Note: I read a couple of complaints about the clasp not working correctly and then I read one that explained how to use the clasp correctly and it made sense, so I took a chance and ordered the watch. I am glad I did - really like the clasp; it works great.

To visit Skagen's official website,


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