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Buy An Italian Horn Necklace, Pendant or Charm Online

Updated on March 25, 2015

Italian Horn Meaning

The corno, cornuto, or cornicello is a horn necklace that is based on the origin of Italy. In Italian, corno means “horn”, and cornicello means “little horn. It was said to be an amulet to protect the wearer from the “evil eye”, which is another name for a sickness transmitted by a person who intentionally gives it to the person. It is dangerous and contagious to anyone who looks at it. The Evil Eye harms nursing mothers, the sperm of men, etc, the “Forces of Generation”. Italian horns are often carved out of pure gold, silver, and a special red material, and have been worn by people for centuries. The red symbolizes the victory over enemies, and they are the most common. Rarer silver or even gold amulets mean the same, but the color doesn’t represent anything in particular.

Italian Horn Pendant, Necklaces & Charms

Good Luck Italian Horn Crystals Pendant with Necklace
Good Luck Italian Horn Crystals Pendant with Necklace

Italian horns are usually wavy, not completely curved like a sheep horn or goat horn but rather like the twisted horn of an African eland or something similar. Originally the gently twisted horn shaped amulet were made look very much like a natural animal horn, but today they are rather stylized and look a lot less like a real animal horn. You can probably buy cornicelli at any Itallian jewelry store since it is a regionally popular amulet. They are usually carved out of red coral or made of gold or silver.

The Italian horn looks similar to the horn of an antelope. Historically, Italian horn was worn to protect from the evil eye that was emerged from a belief that you could be harmed if someone jealously looked at your possessions. It was especially worn by those nursing mothers and pregnant women for the powers of intimacy of the men's and women's could be affected by this eye, so they wore the charms to prevent harm.

It is also related to the crescent-moon shape, since a moon goddess was worshiped before the advent of Christianity in Europe including Italy. Today, the Italian horn is no longer used for protection. It may be used as a good luck charm, a fashion statement or a symbol of pride in one's Italian heritage.

Italian Floral Jewelry Box
Italian Floral Jewelry Box

Buy a Italian Jewelry Box for Your Precious Italian Pendant Necklaces & Other Charms

This off white wooden Italian Florentine style jewelry trunk is just perfect for your Italian jewelry pieces. It is hand made by Italian artists, and it sure adds precious feelings and sentimental feelings to every jewelry you own, it will absolutely make you feel good. The trunk has one drawer that is covered with a red velvet lining and with hand painted floral patterns on top and the front. It includes two compartments, a row of ring slots, and a mirror inside. The additional drawer is also covered with a fine fabric lining. One of the great gift ideas for any occasions. Two sizes: 8 3/4"W x 5 1/2"H x 6"L and 7"L x 4 1/4"W x 4"H; both weight: 41 oz.


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