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Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifiers : 10X, 20X, 30X : Top Ten Best Value Magnifying Loupes

Updated on February 4, 2015

Jewelers eye loupe are magnifying instruments of varying power and quality.

Loupe may be 10x, 20x and 30x magnification with polycarbonate lenses, doublet or triplet glass lenses.

Those loupe that are of cheaper quality mainly emanate from china but this does not mean that they are not suitable for the job.

The cheaper loupe are most suitable to limited, amateur use or for the children to get use of magnifiers in school or at home.

The top ten best value jewelers loupe are:

  1. SE 3pcs Jeweler's Eye Loupe
  2. SE Illuminated Loupe with LED Light
  3. SE 30X Illuminated Jeweler's Loupe
  4. SE Jeweler's Loupe 2pcs 30X
  5. BelOMO 10X Triplet Loupe
  6. SE 10X Jeweler's Loupe
  7. SE 10X, 20X, 30X Jeweler's Loupes
  8. SE Triplex Jeweler's Loupe
  9. Professional Jeweler's & Watchmaker's Loupes
  10. Lighted Jeweler's Loupe

This complete set is ideal for jewelers, hobbyists, rock collectors and coin collectors who are looking for inexpensive, lower grade magnifiers. Basically you get what you pay for - if you want a better finish, better quality magnification and larger viewing lenses then you may be better opting for one of the other loupe options below.

Not necessarily of the highest quality or for protracted use but for the price this loupe is good enough for most general uses. As it is illuminated it makes viewing geological minerals, biological identification of plants and insects, plus jewelry items and coins much easier.

30X Illuminated Loupe

A 30X magnification loupe with LED light for not much money. It is cheap enough that you can let the kids use it. The light is blue (which is not best for inspection of diamonds) and is bright, thus allowing use in minimal light conditions. As an extra benefit it can be useful, when the electric goes off, as an emergency torch.

May not be the full 30X magnification advertised but generally the consensus of opinion is that, for the price (delivered), the two loupes in this option offer exceptional value. They are powerful enough for viewing small parasites on fish and plants, so the price enables purchase for those infrequent needs as well as for regular use.

Quality 10X Triplet Loupe

Anyone thinking of purchasing jewelry should own this loupe. Diamonds are graded using a loupe with a 10x color corrected triplet loupe.

Triplet means three lenses with different optical glass bonded together such that they straighten out the light thoughout the lens.

Be aware that this is a small magnifying loupe but one that is perfectly capable of doing the things that amateurs require of their loupe. The lens is glass, not plastic, which is a bonus.

Do not rely on the determination of magnification as reviewers have stated that the 30X is more like 10X magnification. However, since you are to receive 3 loupe you could use the 30X as a back-up for the 10X loupe. The lenses are doublet glass, not triplet, which means that there may be some distortion but for amateur use this shou;d not be too much of an issue.

A loupe of this power has a viewing distance that is very short between the loupe and the eye as well as between the loupe and the object viewed. This can be difficult to get used to and is not the best magnification option for a novice.

30X Triplet Jewelers Loupe

2 30X Professional Jeweler and Watchmaker Loupes

These are professional grade 30X magnifier loupes. They are well made and yet still affordable. If you consider yourself to be beyond the novice or real amateur or require tools that will last, even when used regularly then thes two 30X loupes could be your best option.

With a large 20mm lens this 10X magnification loupe is ergonomic with superior optical quality. It has a crisp, distortion-free, lightweight polycarbonate lens with durable, scratch resistant coating.

For those items that do not have an Amazon product picture associated with them just click on the picture of another to go to Amazon to browse for the item you require.

The items above are very good examples in each of the categories. There are, however, many more options available on Amazon and you can access them simply by clicking on any of the pictures above.

You may even obtain one of these free if your total order is large enough.

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