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Jewelry Scales: Jewelers, Coin, Gemstone, Shot Scale: Digital, Mini, Micro, Pocket

Updated on February 4, 2015

Jewelry scales or jewelers scales are invaluable for anybody wishing to determine exact weights for precious metals, gemstones and other small or expensive material. The main requirements of a jewelry scale are accuracy and portability.

There are micro, mini and slightly larger jewelers scales available from Weighmax, DigiWeigh and GemOro. Each is good but some are better than others.

Most jewelry scales give weight measurements in grams, ounces, carats and grains and some have a tare function that allow for awkward material to be measured.

The best value jewelry (jewellery) / jeweler (jewellers) scales are:

  1. EX-500 Black Digital Coin / Jewelry Pocket Scale 500 gm Weighmax
  2. American Weigh Signature Series Black AWS-100 Digital Pocket Scale
  3. New 100 x 0.01g Digital Jewelry Scale
  4. 600 x 0.1 gram Digital Jewelry Scale
  5. Digital Jewelry Scale by DigiWeigh
  6. DigiWeigh Digital Pocket Scale
  7. DigiWeigh Digital Jewelry Scale
  8. 300g X 0.01g Mini Digital Jewelry Pocket Gram Scale
  9. GemOro Platinum M400 Premium Class Micro Scale
  10. Treasure Testing Set including DigiWeigh Jewelry Scale

EX-500 Black Digital Coin/Jewelry Pocket Scale 500 gm Weighmax

Discover the real value of your jewelry using this slim, pocket-sized jewelry scale which helps you gauge the weight of your jewelry to prevent you from getting ripped off when purchasing or when you try to sell.

Features 650 gram capacity, flip down lid that doubles as tray, easy read backlit display, and scale that weighs in grams, ounces, and carats.

For those seeking a high-tech, portable scale, the AMW model is durable and compact. It is designed to weigh up to 100 grams in 0.01 gram increments. The backlit LCD display helps make the numbers easy to read. An intuitive flip-open lid protects the delicate weighing surface.

American Weigh Signature Series Black AWS-100 Digital Pocket Scale

This DigiWeigh jewelry scale is the perfect accessory for weighing small pieces such as loose diamonds, gemstones, coins & scrap jewelry.

The 'carat' mode is perfect for rough or faceted stones, lapidary slabs, etc. The 'gram' and 'ounce' modes are perfect for weighing scrap jewelry and precious metals. The 'ounce' mode is also great for measuring food portions. The 'grain' mode is used to weigh archery arrows & gunpowder for reloading.

The platform size (2.5" x 3") is perfect for holding scrap jewelry, coins, rolls, small bars, gold nuggets, flakes & other bullion. It is also great for metal-detector finds & other small treasures!

Easily convert your scrap gold, silver, platinum to troy pounds (240 Pennyweights = 1 troy Pound)!

Super accurate carat mode is perfect for weighing rough / cut diamonds, gemstones, crystals & more!

Choose from 4 different modes: Carat (ct), Gram (g), Ounce (oz), Grain (gn). Capacity & Accuracy: 500 x 0.05 ct, 100 x 0.01 g, 3.527 x 0.0005 oz, 1542.8 x 0.2gn.

And all with a warranty.

DigiWeigh Digital Pocket Scale

High quality strain gauge load cell system makes it accurate in full capacity range.

There are four modes: 'gram' , 'ounce' , 'carat' and 'grain' .

There is also a 'tare' function which makes it much easier to weigh liquid or powder.

Two 50.00 gram calibration weights are included.

This scale is easy to operate with it's 4-key button selection to measure weight in carat (ct), gram (g), ounce (oz) and grain (gn).

The clear plastic lid can also be used as an expansion tray.

It operates on 2 "AAA" batteries which are included!

This mini scale has a high quality strain gauge load cell system for unmatched accuracy.

This is very convenient to use and you can take it anywhere, any-time.

GemOro Platinum M400 Premium Class Micro Scale

The M400 by GemOro is the worlds smallest and best micro-sized scale available. The M400 is about half the size of a credit card and offers the ultimate in portability. This engineering wonder includes a precision load-cell that can weigh up to 400g. The M400s versatile protective, snap-on cover expands the size of the weighing platform if used as a convenient weighing tray.

This set makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys buying, selling or collecting gold / silver from flea-market sellers, to jewelers, to treasure hunters! Used by professionals and hobbyists alike, these materials are a reliable means of measuring the weight and evaluating the purity of your gold and silver!

For those items that do not have an Amazon product picture associated with them just click on the picture of another to go to Amazon to browse for the item you require.

The items above are very good examples in each of the categories. There are, however, many more options available on Amazon and you can access them simply by clicking on any of the pictures above.

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