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Kenny Powers Halloween Costume

Updated on June 14, 2011

Dress as Kenny Powers for Halloween

Kenny Powers Costume Essentials

If you always wished you could be an arrogant, redneck with a Jheri curl mullet combo everyday, look no further ..ok, I kid. Being an arrogant, mullet wearing redneck will not work for everyday life if you want to keep all your teeth.

But, You can dress as Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down for Halloween. Its a pretty simple costume and you can buy most of it, but the truly essential item, your badass arrogant attitude..that has to be cultivated.

If you have the cajones to be Kenny Powers then here are the tools to make it happen. 

Essentials of a Kenny Powers Costume

  • Kenny Powers Jersey or 
  • Charros Jersey
  • Mullet Wig
  • Mustache and Beard
  • Bad Ass Attitude

Kenny Powers Halloween Costume
Kenny Powers Halloween Costume

Kenny Powers Halloween Costume Kit

Unfortunately, there are many famous people with bad mullets and arrogant attitudes. So, in order to be recognizable as the famous Kenny Powers you will need a Kenny Powers Costume that includes a trademark jersey or tshirt.

Kenny Powers Wig

 With enough planning you could just grow yourself an ugly ass mullet. I would guess that you dont have one now or you wouldnt be using the newfangled puter. 'Puters are for losers.

A decent Mullet/Jhero Curl wig is under $20 Bucks American and will come in within the week.

You could grow a 'stache in time but for 5 bucks you can grab one when you get your wig.

Eastbound and Down Tshirts

Eastbound and Down Tshirts are good for everyday wear too.

Consider adding one for your costume, or simply buy one for every day of the week 

Kenny Powers Quotes

t looks like s**t. What the hell is he doing, printing that from a JPG? Motherf*ncker needs to be using TIFF files, dude. My face looks all computery and damn pixelated.

Now this Friday night, I guarantee you, it is gonna be the biggest goddamn comeback celebration any y'all have ever seen. There's gonna be people cheering, and screaming, and spotlights, and fireworks. I wouldn't even doubt if there's a couple chicks showing their f**king p**sies off.

I wouldn't doubt if some of the muchachas show their panochas off. They might show their panochas off. They might be waving their panochas all over the place.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      They are gorgeous. Thank you for shoring.