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Lovely Fashion Lace Flared Leggings

Updated on March 18, 2010

If you don't love this style trend, then you have no affinity for lace and should go and sit in the corner and think about your attitude.

Lace flared leggings are very retro in their appearance, and yet they are a modern mutation of the legging, and perhaps the only good thing to ever come out of that trend. I have great personal disdain for tights, possibly because they make 99% of the people who wear them look like bottom heavy hippos, and there's just no need for that. Emphasizing the curvature of butt and thigh might be a good idea for a size 0 model, but for most real people, it's a disaster. It's such a disaster, in fact, that American Apparel was forced to warn women not to wear their tights and leggings as pants.

These lace flared leggings, on the other hand, make the wearer look good because they minimize some of the massive difference between the average woman's thigh and calf. They're truly unisex garments too, there's no reason why a man can't be seen in lace flared leggings, in fact, leggings in general tend to be better suited to men anyway, because if men have anything, it is great legs. Even men who struggle with weight in other regions of their bodies usually have nice legs.

If one does not wish one's lace legging to be too revealing, one can simply wear a pair of pantyhose or stockings under them, transforming the lace experience into a double decker of smooth fabric fun. Lace leggings may be difficult to come by in your local stores (local stores usually don't stock edgy fashion trends until they are no longer edgy,) but it should be quite possible to hunt down these beauties online through various fashion retailers.

Lace flared leggings have a timelessness about them, and also an agelessness. It doesn't matter whether you're 20 or 50, these leggings can look good on you because of their classical styling and cut. That's a bonus in today's fashion world which tends to have two kinds of style for women 'too young for you' and 'frumpy old dame'.

Lace hides a multitude of sins whilst leaving the wearer looking stylish and cutting edge. These are leggings your friends probably won't have and should you wear them out to a social gathering you are sure to be plagued with questions regarding the source of your most excellent leggings, and that, after all, is what fashion is all about. Making others feel slightly under dressed and inadequate.


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