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Laser Comb - Is the Laser Comb the Next Best Hair Loss Treatment?

Updated on August 7, 2012

The laser comb is a promising device for those experiencing thinning hair and early hair loss.  The creators of the gadget claim that laser light therapy can stimulate hair follicles, thus creating thicker and stronger hair.  But can it regrow hair?  This article will attempt to address this question by examining how this technology works, scientific evidence, and reviews from actual customers.

Laser Hair Treatment – How Does It Work?

Manufacturers of laser hair restoration combs and devices claim that it works to stimulate hair follicles by increasing blood flow and cell activity in your scalp. The increased circulation brings important nutrients to the hair follicles, resulting in accelerated hair growth and thicker, stronger hair. These nutrients also eliminate harmful DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), and natural metabolite known to cause hair loss.

Laser combs use this energy and contain nine separate laser beams that work synergistically to generate a red spectrum light. The HairMax LaserComb parts the hair to allow the laser beams to treat the scalp.

Manufacturers of the HairMax LaserComb allege that users will see a “dramatic decrease in hair loss from your scalp” within the first six weeks of using the device. The newly growing hair will start looking like peach fuzz, but will later thicken. After 10-12 weeks of use, hair loss should subside, and hair should continue to grow.

Who Can Benefit From The Laser Hair Comb?

• Men or women who have hereditary male or female pattern hair loss (early stages)

• Men or women currently using prescription or over the counter hair loss medications/supplements

• Those who plan to have surgical hair restoration

• Those with illnesses that have caused hair loss

• Women who are experiencing post-partum hair loss

A hair loss laser device will probably work best for the early in the hair loss or hair thinning process. The consensus seems that this device will not regrow hair from dead hair follicles, but it can slow the shedding and improve thickness of the hair. Laser combs are also used to increase the recovery time in hair transplant patients, and also to increase the look of the transplanted hairs in a positive manner (making them appear thicker, fuller, and healthier).

Hair Loss Laser Efficacy- Scientific Evidence

In 2003, a clinical study was published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology (2003,Volume 5, Number 2), in which the efficacy of the HairMax LaserComb was studied.  The purpose was to test the efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy for the stimulation of hair growth, as well as the effect the device would have on the tensile strength of the hair.

28 male and 7 female androgenetic alopecia patients aged 28-76 were given a LaserComb to use at home for 6 months.  They were to use the comb on clean, dry hair and instructed to use the comb slowly, covering the entire scalp for 5-10 minutes every other day.  At the beginning of the study, hair counts were assessed in the areas of the greatest hair loss in the temporal and vertex regions of the scalp.  Also, a determination of hair tensile strength was made prior to the study.

The study found that the hair counts increased in the temporal area an average of 55.2% for women, 74.1% for men and 69.1% for all patients.  In the vertex area, the hair count increased 64.9% for women, 120.1% for men and 111.9% for all patients. The combined average hair count increase for all men and women in the temporal and vertex areas was 93.5%.  The hair tensile strength increased by 78.9% in all patients.

Hair Loss Device Brands

The cost for the devices range from $50 - $545. Hair are several hair loss laser devices currently on the market.

  • HairMax LaserComb- the only handheld device that is fda- cleared for marketing for the promotion of hair growth.

  • Viatek Hair Pro Laser Hair Brush- similar to the laser hair comb, this laser brush uses both led and laser technology

  • Neo light laser hair brush- uses similar technology to the Viatek brand

  • Laser Max Handheld Hair Loss Laser Model- laser device that doesn’t require combing.

Laser Comb Reviews

So does the laser hair comb really work? Well the verdict is still out. Below I’ve compiled customer reviews from a couple of websites.

***Please note that these reviews are for the Hairmax LaserComb only.***


"Bought the Hairmax Laser Comb about 6 weeks ago and people are starting to notice a difference in my hair already. Looks fuller and I can see little hairs growing on my temple its crazy didn't think this was going to work can't wait til 2-3 months down the road. I will post another review then."

"After seeing the DATELINE review of hair growth products I decided the HAIRMAX LASERCOMB would be the one for me. I've tried both the other OTC hair growth products (Propecia & Minoxodil) to no avail. If this doesn't work I'll go w/a transplant. But I have to tell you, this product IS working. I've had it about 60 days and used it every other day religiously. I've had many comments about my hair looking fuller. My only concern, and I've seen this on other sites, is headaches the next morning if I do a treatment @ night before bed. I'm still unsure if it's even remotely related, but as I stated, I'm not the only one. However, I plan on just using it in the mornings from now on. So far, so good!"

"I used the comb regularly for about 3 months and did not see any noticeable changes in my hair thickness. Perhaps I needed to use it longer, I don't know."

"For me, it caused acne breakouts on my scalp which continued to get worse. As a result it sort of hurt when I used the comb. Finally I stopped using it and in about 4-5 days my scalp cleared up completely.
In general, I have acne prone skin, but I'd never had scalp problems like that before.
Also, for me the comb often gave me a slight headache. Questionable product..."

"If you want to buy this comb for regrowth, forget it. It does not regrow any new hair. But it does offer some benefits:
1) The hair feel thicker.
2) Very few hair shed during regular use. If you stop using it, hair would shed as before.
3) The hair feel more manageable.
4) Combs like these are used by hair-implant patients for faster recovery.
For these simple benefits, the high price of the comb is not worth it."

"I tried the HairMax for about a month but noticed no change in my hair in any way at all. I did not think it was worth continuing and I needed to return for a refund before the time ran out."


"This is a great product. I'm incredibly skeptical but decided to give it a try 6 months ago and have been very pleased with the results. It has resulted in new hair growth and improved the overall health of my hair. Even my hair stylist noticed and wanted to know what I had done to make such an improvement in the texture and health of my hair."

"I used this product for over six months. My hair actually started to fall out faster in Month 2. I found the accelerated hair loss to be quite disturbing."

"I bought this product because of the good review it received on the web and also on TV. I have been using this product for 8 months and I have not seen any result although I have been using it three times a week. I do not see new growth and my hair is still baby thin. I can only speak from my own experience and this product does not work for me."

"Look, I've tried almost everything out there and nothing works as well as the LaserComb! My hair started falling out after I had some babies and then it kept on falling out. After using the LaserComb for one month I started noticing tiny hair all over my head! Now my scalp seems to have filled in about half of what it has lost. I am in my 3rd month."

Laser Comb in the News


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