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Laser Hair Removal Certification

Updated on March 8, 2010

Laser hair removal can be a lucrative business but you’ll need professional laser hair removal certification before carrying out any treatments. Official certification is a requirement to carry out business in most countries and most states in the USA. This certification is proof that you have completed a training program and can carry out laser hair removal safely and with accuracy.

Hair removal by laser is a popular beauty procedure due to its permanence and lack of side effects and its popularity is expected to increase as the costs of laser hair removal become more affordable to a wider range of people. Laser technicians can find a wide range of employment opportunities at skin care clinics, medical spas, laser hair removal clinics, dermatology clinics and more.

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How to gain laser hair removal certification

Some of the larger beauty training schools will offer laser hair removal training as part of their main program, or you can choose to go to a specialist school. If you’re lucky enough to live close to a laser hair removal school, you can attend on a daily basis, otherwise should be a residential course available including accommodation on or near campus. These residential courses usually last from a few days to a few weeks. Longer courses involving training in a wider variety of beauty treatments can last for a year or more.

Laser hair removal training will involve an amount of theoretical teaching in the classroom along with hands-on clinical experience in a working spa or hair removal clinic. Students are usually taught in small groups, often by practicing hair removal technicians and will be given career advice as well as the practical training to achieve your laser hair removal certificate.

Choosing a laser hair removal school

Laser equipment can vary from clinic to clinic so it’s important to train on a wide variety of machines to ensure you are skilled enough to operate equipment that you may not be completely familiar with when it’s time for you to practice in the real world. The larger beauty schools and specialist laser schools are likely to have access to the most variety and most up to date equipment.

There are several types of laser beauty treatments available and most schools will offer you the opportunity to expand your skills by teaching techniques such as laser tattoo removal, laser vein reduction and laser facials, along with laser hair removals.

Laser hair training can be the start of a great career. If you’re looking for a career change, the beauty industry is big business and there are plenty of employment opportunities for skilled practitioners. If you’re already employed within the beauty industry, gaining laser hair removal certification can be an important boost to your career and earnings.


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