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The Advantages of Training at Laser Hair Removal School

Updated on August 31, 2010

Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures today and training to achieve laser hair removal certification is a sure way of enhancing your employability and improving your potential earnings. The first step in acquiring appropriate training is to find a good quality laser hair removal school.

Laser hair removal schools are located all over the USA and offer courses ranging from one day to several months in length. Most training programs will offer a mixture of theory and clinical practice including technical use of equipment, different application methods and safety precautions.

There are many laser hair removal schools to choose from and the price of training can vary widely. It is important to find a training program that will fit with your lifestyle and provide you with the training that will give you the most benefit. Many beauty schools offer laser hair removal courses but you may not gain the appropriate certification in order to practice from attending one of these courses. Be sure that the school you choose offers laser hair removal certification. Good schools will also help you future career prospects by actually helping you to find a job placement at the end of the course – reputable clinics are happy to take on newly trained staff who have completed a good quality certified training program.

photo by vancouverlaser on flickr
photo by vancouverlaser on flickr

Choosing a Laser Hair Removal School

When choosing a school you should look carefully at both the syllabus they offer and the qualifications of the teachers. All training staff should be qualified to operate and teach laser machinery. Also check that the equipment offered in the school is up to date and that they give you experience on a number of different laser machines that you may encounter over the course of your career. A well equipped school is a good sign of a quality training program. You may also want to specialize in a certain area such as male laser hair removal, so be sure that the program you choose allows you to specialize.

Laser hair removal training programs can be undertaken by anyone, whether you are already working as a beauty therapist and would like to expand your range of skills, or you have no experience in the area and are looking for a change of career. Many more people are now considering taking up laser hair removal as a possible career choice due to the enhanced demand for the treatment and the high salaries that can be obtained within the industry. You do not usually need any existing qualifications in order to be accepted onto a training program.

Laser Hair Removal Training

You can choose laser training courses that are either residential or offer day programs if you live in a city that has a laser hair removal school. If you need to travel to another city in order to attend the course, it is sometimes possible to receive funding to help with transport and accommodation costs. It is a good idea to look for a school that has an in-house spa or clinic that is open to the public so you get to try out your newly acquired skills for real.

After achieving laser hair removal certification you can either find a job within existing laser hair removal clinics or choose to set up your own business. The best schools can give you advice on both of these options and may even set you up with job interviews or trial placements in clinics. Well trained technicians are in demand and you should have no problem finding a job at the end of your course.

The cost of laser hair removal training can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. As with most educational training, the amount you spend can really make a difference and cheap courses often aren’t worth the price saving as you will not receive the extra help to find a job after the course is complete and you may not even achieve certification. It is worth paying a little extra to join a really high quality laser hair removal school.


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