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Laser Hair Removal At Home

Updated on September 29, 2010


Many people, both men and women, suffer from some type of unwanted body hair and wish to get rid of it permanently. While there are several methods that can be used such as tweezing, waxing and depilatories, these methods yield only temporary results when what is really sought is a permanent form of hair removal. Another aspect of this potentially embarrassing problem is a two part issue; cost and the desire for privacy. Many want a solution that offers them the ability to deal with the problem of hair removal in the privacy of their home. One of the solutions to this problem, although not a new technology, has been made more readily available in a manner that allows for permanent hair removal at home.

When the word 'laser' is used it tends to bring to mind something from science fiction, everyone remembers the laser guns of the sci fi movies. However, lasers have been harnessed in a more compact and convenient form that allows for a more general use. One such use is small laser hair removal units that can help eliminate unwanted hair permanently.

The Laser

Laser hair removal involves the use of a laser that is placed over the area of hair growth and flashed, much like a camera flash. The flash of laser light not only burns the hair but it also sends a pulse to the root of the hair that not only burns the hair but kills the root and follicle of the hair. Once the hair has been singed and the root and follicle deadened the hair falls out permanently.

Although permanent laser hair removal does work, be prepared to utilize this method a few times. The main reason for this is because hair has different growth rates and although you may have killed exposed hair you still have hair below the skin or hair that is temporarily dormant. Once you begin the laser hair removal process the dormant hairs will be shocked back into growing. Although this may seem distressing at first it's necessary to completely eliminate your unwanted hair issues.

Video: Laser Hair Removal Demonstration

Home Laser Removal

While dermatologists still offer this type of hair removal in their offices, thanks to modern technology this method is also available for home laser hair removal. The units that offer laser hair removal at home, while obviously not as large as the ones used by dermatologists, can be just as effective. The home method of laser hair removal works on basically the same principal, the difference comes into play on the size of the unit used. Most home laser removal units are roughly the size of an electric shaver, some are even as small as cell phones. The method is basically the same, placing the unit over the area and jolting the hair with a flash from the unit, one area of this that can be different is that rather than allowing the hair to simply fall away, many home units offer some type of exfoliating mitt pad to whisk the hair away.

Many believe that laser hair removal, regardless of the type, is permanent. This is not always the case; there are some forms of laser hair removal that, while long lasting, are not a permanent solution to the problem. The difference is generally due to the strength of the laser unit used and the type. Some units are only meant to offer longer lasting results, and while you will see a decrease in growth over time, it's not considered a permanent solution to the problem.

The Cost

Given the economically stressed times we're facing one of the obvious concerns can be that of laser hair removal cost. Depending on what type of unit you choose to purchase the cost can be somewhat minimal. Many units can cost as much as $100 or more, but keep in mind when you add up the cost of continuously purchasing waxing supplies or electrolysis; the cost can be rather comparable. While a $100 can be an expensive proposition for some, if you consider that you might spend that during a certain time frame on hair removal supplies, which are temporary, this expense is a one time cost that can yield permanent results.

The obvious concern that everyone has in regards to laser hair removal would be the risks involved. While it would foolish to say there are no risks, since you are dealing with a laser unit that has the potential to burn, the fact remains that if you use some basic common sense safety precautions, your risks can be very minimal. The potential for skin issues is present, a factor that is dependent on the type of skin you have and its sensitivity, but this is where following directions carefully and using all of the necessary precautions possible can eliminate a lot of this risk.


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