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Laser Eye Surgery Cost

Updated on May 9, 2011

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik eye surgery is a procedure where a laser is used to correct your vision. In this article we will examine the cost of the procedure, its pros and cons, and whether this procedure is for you.

You're probably reading this because you are having trouble with your vision. If so, you have joined the ranks of millions who suffer with the same issue. Losing one's eyesight can be debilitating, especially for those who count on their good vision to make a living. Wouldn't it be nice if we could restore the good vision we received at birth? Some of us can, but there are caveats to be aware of which we will go into later.

For starters, we will first look at how the procedure is performed.

The Lasik Procedure

Lasik eye surgery is typically a five minute procedure where a laser is used to reshape the cornea of your eye.

A local anasthetic (a special formulation of eye drops) are provided prior to the procedure which - for most people - eliminates any pain. Next, you lay down on a table and a retainer is placed over your eye to keep it open. The doctor will then use a marker to mark the cornea and will use a laser to cut a flap that will be pulled aside, exposing the surface of the cornea that will be reshaped.

Once the flap is pulled aside the doctor will ask you to look at a target light while he uses a laser to reshape your cornea. You may smell a foul odor during this process - it's the tissue being burned away and is a normal part of the procedure.

Once done, the doctor will lay the flap back over the cornea which forms a bandaid for the eye - the procedure is complete. You will be asked to have a friend or relative drive you home, where you will rest for anywhere from a few hours to a few days - depending on how much work is performed on each eye.

Now, some doctors will do both eyes the same day, while others prefer to wait a week between each eye. It's difficult to say which is the better way to go, given the pros and cons I will list later below.

Is Lasik Surgery Safe?

The procedure, itself, is safe, but the results aren't always positive. In many cases vision improves dramatically, but in some it worsens. As such, it's very important to find a professional who has had a lot of experience and a lot of success. Ask around, scour the internet, find the doctor that most patients are buzzing about in a good way, as that's the one wyou want to perform the surgery.

How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost?

As all eye problems differ, the cost varies. A typical fee can be anywhere from $500 to $2500 per eye and you can expect to pay the higher fee for the more experienced doctor - it's worth it!

An improperly performed lasik procedure can leave your cornea damaged, making for a difficult situation to rectify. By getting the procedure performed right the first time, you prevent possibly experiencing permanent vision loss.

Another thing to be aware of is the fact that lasik eye surgery isn't a solution for everyone. If you go to several specialists and they say it won't improve your condition then you need to seriously consider another option. Drumming around for the opinion you want to hear is a bad idea, as it often leads to a doctor with more concerns over his profit margin than over your vision.

The Pros And Cons Of Lasik Eye Surgery - Read Carefully!

The pros are easy to list:

  • improved vision
  • reduced dependency on contacts or eyeglasses

The cons are a bit longer of a list:

  • costs $500-$2500 per eye
  • an infection of the cornea could develop
  • the cornea might not heal properly

No surgery is completely risk free. Be aware of the risks before proceeding!

Is Lasik Eye Surgery For You?

If you have very poor vision then it could be a viable option. I wouldn't recommend it as a cosmetic solution to be free of eyeglasses as contacts serve the same purpose.

Remember, it's highly important to find an expert! Pay the extra if you have to as the costs can be much higher for an inexperienced doctor, especially of the cornea becomes infected or damaged. Shop around - and combine the opinions of several doctors before making your decision. Remember, you only get one set of eyes ...

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    • yoshi97 profile image

      yoshi97 7 years ago from a land called 'what if?'

      Saesha: Unfortunately, there is little in life that isn't without risk. While many sites go on about the benefits, I like to keep things balanced by displaying the other side of the story as well.

    • saesha profile image

      saesha 7 years ago

      thank for the info, i've been thinking about getting lasik but I see now that there are many risks.

    • wyanjen profile image

      Jen King 8 years ago from Wyandotte Michigan

      Sound advice from a wise but young dragon.

      Really, thanks for the info :-)

    • yoshi97 profile image

      yoshi97 8 years ago from a land called 'what if?'

      Make sure you talk to others who have already had the procedure, and don't look for the cheapest doctor - look for the one with the best track record (which equates to the most experience)in your area. ;)

    • wyanjen profile image

      Jen King 8 years ago from Wyandotte Michigan

      This is great yoshi! Thanks so much.

      I'm in glasses now, but I want to explore the procedure. I can't afford my contacts right now :( so it will be awhile before I look into it. I'll book mark and return when the time is right... to study LOL

      Take it easy