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Where To Buy A Leather Checkbook Wallet

Updated on March 14, 2011
Buy a Gucci leather checkbook wallet
Buy a Gucci leather checkbook wallet

Buy A Leather Checkbook Wallet

The plastic checkbook covers that come with your checks have many downfalls. First, they are not durable, and rip easily. They are not very waterproof against weather or spill either. Secondly, they do not hold anything but your checks. For a woman who carries a well organized purse that might be okay, but for most people and men especially it will not work.

Leather checkbook wallets are much better. They protect your checks, credit cards and cash, but in a fashionable way. Better yet, you only have to have one thing to carry around rather than a wallet and a checkbook. These leather checkbook wallets combine the two, saving you space and making all your payments of any type more convenient

Leather checkbook wallets come in all sorts of shapes, colors, designs and sizes to make them versatile for any user. Often the designs are imprinted into the leather rather than attached to it, although some wallets have studs punched through the letter to make a design. You can often find them in pink, purple, green, blue, and of course brown, white and black.

Women’s leather checkbook wallets such as Hello Kitty or Tinkerbell are generally easy to find in stores, but the men’s version is less easily found. Most of the time, you will have to go online to find men’s leather checkbook wallets, especially designer ones. These might include Harley Davidson wallets, Looney Tunes, or simple leather wallets. However, you can sometimes find them in specialty shops such as Harley Davidson stores.

Be careful when shopping online that the wallet you find is genuine leather and not vinyl. The difference is difficult to tell by sight and sometimes even by feel. However, leather is going to be much sturdier and last for a lot longer. Do not be taken in by someone that passes off vinyl as leather and charges leather prices. Make sure the vendor you are dealing with is reputable and has good feedback or testimonials.

Once you have received your leather checkbook wallets, make sure that they are exactly as pictured and described on the website. You should also be sure that everything you need will fit inside. Good vendors will offer a refund period or a money back guarantee on their products to lower your risk. Do not be afraid to take advantage of such policies if the wallet arrives and you do not like it or cannot use it for any reason.


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